Yarn Colour Combinations: Finding Inspiration

hi and welcome to Knit with Hannah. I’m
Hannah I’m here to talk today about choosing yarn for knitting and we’re
going to explore more about colored yarn today we’re looking at where you can
find inspiration. Hi welcome to knit with Hannah I’m Hannah I’m here with knitting
natter to help you learn to knit the easy way. Let’s talk about choosing yarn
for knitting today and let’s talk about colored yarn. There are so many options
in the shop when you go looking for yarn and just a single brand of yarn will
have multiple different yarns and within each of those yarns there are multiple
colors. How do you choose which colors you work with together in more than one
color for a single project? Let’s have a look at that today. If you’re not
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whenever a new video appears. I’m here every Tuesday every week. Now then, if we
talk about colored knitting yarn there is a plethora of choice so you need to
go with some kind of focus when you go to a yarn store or when you look online.
Which colors are you looking for? Which colors would everyone you’re
knitting for like? And just where can you find that inspiration. Let’s talk about
the first thing. I’ve got a few tips for you today so do stick around. The first
thing you could look at is nature so many things could inspire you around you
so just think about it. Are there flowers that you’ve got on your just hanging
around in a vase in your house? Do you have lots of different colors in those
flowers or do you just have a yellow and green like I have today. That might be as
simple an inspiration as you need and you can go and say that’s it I’m gonna
go and find some yellow and green yarn. It’s not difficult at all is it? You’ve
got it you know what you’re doing! You could also find some gems I mean for
example I love wearing gems in my necklaces there’s a silver and a ruby
red here but that ruby red mixed with a silver gray would be really lovely
combination so go for it. That could be
a really easy choice for you and look at different gems look at different jewelry
that you’ve got and say actually if I knit something in those colors I can
wear that jewelry there it could be that simple if you’re someone who
likes to go out and about in nature you may see things in your garden you may
see butterflies but even if you take your dog for a walk you may see
different different things around you different trees different blossoms on
the tree different colored leaves on the tree. I have a beautiful plum tree out in
the front garden obviously there’s the brown and the moss around the trunk and
there is a really bright red leaf to it. How about choosing those colors, brown,
mossy green and a ruby red again they’re really all Autumnal, actually it’d be a
really beautiful scarf or a hat or even mittens just a set of those to wear all
together in the autumn. So the second inspiration I have for you
is to look around in your wardrobe and with your coats and your winter scarves
and hats that you already wear. Are there colors in them that you say actually I
really fancy more of that so you could say I’ve got a navy coat it’s got yellow
stitching on it what if I make a mustard coloured scarf. Maybe you’ve
already got a grey hat so you can knit something that matches not only your
coat with the yellow the mustard stitching on it but you can find
something that is mustard and grey because it will then match your hat as
well all these coordinated ideas really can inspire the colors that you choose
as you go further in your knitting. So I do have another tip for you this is
inspiration you don’t have to go very far just look at the yarn collections I
suggested this in the last video I did about color when I was talking about
color pairs that is that yarn designers yarn manufacturers set up these colors
for you so they work well together so you haven’t got to think too much. You
can go straight to the yarn store know which yarn you’re going to look for and
that set of colors that they’ve created for you for this season will work well
together. They know that, they’ve organised that and they’ve set it up with their
design experience to say these colors work together. Three or four different
colors work together. Go and use them it’s not a problem we know they work
together suddenly it makes it easy for you and you can do all sorts of stripes
and fairisle patterns just because they’ve set it up and you haven’t got to
do too much work and you’re not going to create too many obstacles when you’re
trying to look for yarn, looking for the right colors. You actually just want to
sit down in it to make it easy on yourself. Okay I hope that was a quick
and easy yarn choosing video for you just a few tips that will make it easy
that will just give you some inspiration when you’re looking for yarn for your
next project all right then I will see you next week
thanks so much for joining me bye for now happy knitting!

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