The Story of Darn Good Yarn

The Story of Darn Good Yarn

Hi my name is Nicole Snow and I’m the
owner and CEO of Darn Good Yarn, Darn Good Yarn was started to create fair and
sustainable jobs for artisans around the globe
at the same time we want to help you cultivate the globally conscious
lifestyle through the art you create and the life that you live I invite you to
join the change and spread the joy our Our main production areas are in Bhagalpur India and the surrounding villages it’s an area where many people are stuck
without work or working jobs that are unhealthy and I don’t support general
well-being Darn Good Yarn gives these artisans an opportunity to provide for
themselves and their families Darn Good Yarn utilizes a method for making
our product that comes from recycling and reclaiming saris by having a
collective of artisans gather manufacturing remnants and seconds of
sari material, the material is then torn by hand and sewn together creating the
extraordinary yarns and ribbons that are the base for your darn good yarn items
this work empowers the individuals we hire to have a purpose in life
provide for the families and create a better future for generations to follow
so I know a lot of you loved Darn Good Yarns ribbon and I wanted to show you
this is where it starts these are sari scraps and I know some of you always ask whats the width length and I always tell you it’s hand torn and then
after that it gets sewn and sometimes you might dye it but other times you
guys would like it multicolored and this is the project where it all starts
Darn Good Yarn is not willing to accept things the way they are just because
they are, through our work in India we’ve saved more than a hundred thousand
pounds of textile waste from heading into landfills and rivers not only that
we’ve created safe and sustainable jobs more than 300 artisans in the poorest
regions of India when you’re sitting at home knitting and
creating try to take a moment to recognize the journey that this yarn has
gone on, think of all the people whose hands have touched this it’s really incredible to think about, you are helping families thrive literally on the other side of
the world Darn Good Yarn is more than a brand, Darn Good Yarn provides you with a chance to give the gift of change while sharing friendship and love with those
around you we believe in spreading joy at home and abroad by giving everyone a
darn good chance at experiencing joy through creating I want to thank you for
taking this journey with me today and I also want to thank you because your
purchase of Darn Good Yarn impact people’s lives around the globe
in a way that truly makes a difference we believe in the power of community and
connections join the change spread the joy


  • Kat

    March 4, 2017

    Aaah, this makes me so happy 😊

  • Ev Alland

    December 7, 2017

    I Wept…..when I weave with Darn Good Yarn Silk I think of the women who have prepped my silk — to see them — my heart just SWELLED. Also — a Huge hug and shout out to KERI !!!!! — SHARED ON FACEBOOK

  • Nathalie Andis

    January 18, 2018

    I admire what you and am sure you believe you are doing a good thing however the quality of the yarns in this video do not look like they would be easy to work with.

  • bxgal347

    February 24, 2018

    Wow what a wonderful story, you truly are helping ppl live a better live and those colors!!!! Omg I love it. I'm going to subscribe!!! Tfs your story with us. I hope you guys get millions of subscribers and this way you can help a lot more ppl in India to make life a little easier for them and their families. Xoxo


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