Silk Thread Classic Set Bangles

Hi Viewers..! Now lets see how can we make Silk Thread Classic Set Bangles. These are very easy to make and the items required for this are… Plastic Khada Bangle Medium size Plastic Bangles Glue Half beaded ball stickers Stone line Cutter Sketch Pen Silk Threads Now I am applying glue to the inner side of the plastic kada bangle stick the silk thread – I have taken the silk thread in 20 strands of 1 meter size wrap it like this line by line tightly wrap the whole bangle with the silk thread as shown in the video This is stone line and I am cutting this into small lines having 4 stones cut like this and have a buch of stone lines/4 stones ready Now apply glue in a diagonal line like this on the top of the bangle Stick the stone line piece (having 4 stones) on glue applied press it gently again apply glue diagonally opposite to this stone line as shown applying glue and sticking stone lines in zig zag pattern stick the stone line on glue applied like thia Again apply glue diagonal to this line to form a V shape like this on the bangle Viewers.. as you can see we have stuck the stone lines in Zigzag pattern.. In the same way, repeat these steps for whole bangle Ok now I am showing the last step of the zigzag pattern sticking the stone line As you can see the pattern was just finished It will look neat once the glue gets dried up..Let it dry for few minutes Now I am taking meduim size palstic bangle and making two lines on it opposite to each other with a sketch diving the bangle into two halves. Now apply glue to the inner side of the bangle I have taken black and grey silk threads in 20 strands of 1/2 meter size/each one stick the grey thread on glue applied and wrap it line by line tightly till the marking Like this warp the half of the bangle with Grey and other half with Black thread as you can see, I have wrapped the bangle with two color threads ( Black and Grey) equally Now on top of this we will stick the double stone line having 6 stones cut the stone line to have a bunch of pieces each having 6 stones like this apply glue on top of the bangle and stick the stone line and press it gently Apply glue again with a small gap (inch) and stick the stone line In the same way stick 5 stone lines on black and 5 lines on grey threads equally to complete the bangle As you can see I have stuck stone line pieces – 5 on black and 5 on grey thread let it dry for few minutes Ok Viewers.. the glue on initial bangle with zigzag pattern was dried up and now This is half beaded pearl/ball sheet I have cut this to get individual half beaded balls like this now apply glue on the top–middle of these V shaped designs and stick the half beaded balls one by one on glue applied The balls will look so neat once the glue is dried up In the same way, stick the balls in the middle of the designs like this just showing another one- apply glue stick the ball in the middle of the V shape design Like the stick the whole bangle with beads ok I have stuck the beads..let it dry for few minutes Viewers..the glue is dried up and our kada bangle is ready also our side bangle in the set is also dried and ready As you can see, the bangles are looking neat right? I have prepared another side bangle with the same pattern and colors for set As you can see, I have made the other bangle in same patteren with very simple and easy steps, our silk thread classic set bangles are ready now you too can try making these Thanks for watching my video.. and Please subscribe Please do let me know your comments on this Thank you…!

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