Phone Cord DIY with Knotted Wrapped Yarn | Summer Knit Series

Phone Cord DIY with Knotted Wrapped Yarn | Summer Knit Series

How to make custom yarn wrapped computer cords
with yarn using the Chinese Staircase knotting method. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and welcome
to Studio Knit! We are going to solve the problem of the cords that get tangled for
iPhones, and iPads, and laptop computers. With Back to School time, many of you are
going back to college, in your dorms, and there are just cords everywhere. There are
also open doors and people everywhere. And these cords are not cheap. So, I found a solution.
And the solution, of course, is in Yarn! We are going to simply knot yarn around our cord.
It will both help distinguish it as being your own, and it will also prevent it from
wanting to tangle in on itself. The materials we will use are scissors, tape, yarn… and
your color choice is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. And your cord! To begin, select the first yarn
color and how much yarn you start with is totally up to you. I’m doing about three feet
right here. And we are going to find the middle of our yarn, right where the half-point is.
Now, taking our cord, I’m going to just go ahead and disconnect the plug here, and I’m
going to lay my cord down on my surface. And using my tape, I will tape it securely down.
Now, at the mid-way of your yarn, go ahead and simply tie a knot at the top of your cord.
Now with the two sides of our yarn, we first start with the right side and we take it under
the cord and we make sure that it stays on the right side there. And we take our end
over the left side. So now we’re going to take the left side of our yarn, it’s going
to go over the cord and under the yarn on the right side. Now, taking the two ends,
we just lightly pull them to fasten around our cord. Okay, let’s do this again. So, we
have our right side, it goes under the cord. And your end is going to go over the left
yarn. Alright, now our left yarn goes over the cord and it goes under our yarn, just
like that. Awesome! Now, we just lightly pull it together and our Chinese Staircase Knot
is beginning to be formed. We’re going under the cord, and over the yarn. And over the
cord, under the yarn, and we pull it through. There we go! So, we just continue this process
all the way down our cord. And here is how it’s shaping up. You can keep your staircase
nice and straight just like this, or if you’d like, you can go ahead and twist it. And sometimes
it twists naturally on itself, as well. Go ahead and take your next color, for me it’s
white and simply start out by tying a knot and I like to do it over that first yarn color,
so that there’s a little bit of an overlap. And you can either cut that first yarn right
now, or you can do a few like I am right here where you’re actually going to tie your knot
with that first yarn color, close to your cord. So, you’re sort of knotting right over
that first yarn color. And you just continue along with this process and I am selecting
my colors based on the colors of hearts that I received while I was Periscoping today.
So, my first heart was orange, and then I didn’t get any hearts, so that’s what the
white represents. I got some blues, greens, some purples, some brown, etc. And once you’re
at the end, just simply go ahead and knot your yarn and cut it off and you are DONE!
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