LELO How-to-Choose Video: Silk & Suede Bedroom Accessories

LELO How-to-Choose Video: Silk & Suede Bedroom Accessories

I don’t know about you but Fifty Shades
of Grey has got a lot of us inspired when it comes to adding some spice into our bedroom play. If you’d like to
add a dash of that Fifty Shades passion into your life there’s an ultra luxurious way to do it using a wide range of LELO’s bedroom
accessories. Each one is designed for tempting and
teasing you partner like never before. Just look at the INTIMA silk blindfold. The silk is deliciously soft
and smooth with LELO’s signature jackered pattern on the inside and an elastic back and with a long
ribbon ties it’s the perfect fit for everyone.
Whether it’s being worn by you or your partner there’s no question that
letting your other senses guide you is a way to a new experience and a lot of incredible surprises. Do you ever feel like surrendering
completely to passion? ATHERA Cuffs feature a decandant touch of suede and gorgeous silk ribbons for complete
comfort with you or your partner are taking charge or if you’re
feeling truly wicked, get even more racy by unchaining your desires with the SUTRA Chain Link Cuff. Whichever one you choose, there’s no denying the excitement that
SUTRA or ATHEREA will bring into your bedroom. Adventurous types will love the BOA Pleasure Ties. They make any
location into a prime spot for passion. These long silk ties are perfect for tying around a bedpost, a chair or anywhere you can think of and
despite the delicate nature of silk, these ties are tough. They have an extra luxurious secret too. They contain fresh water pearls that weigh one end down, for more options for play. This means you
can drape it over a door, close it and the ties will stay in place, taking your riskier strains to new heights. Whatever gets your pulse racing LELO’s
got you covered, from gentle games to not so gentle games. The TANTRA Teaser has the softest down
feathers for a playful way to awaken your senses
with a light touch. Or if you’re a little more assertive then the SENSUAL Whip is for you with soft suede tassels that put you in
charge. Everything about this line just oozes sensuality right down to the
packaging. With each product available in 3 alluring colors; black, red and purple, what could be more
exciting than opening and gorgeous box to find the
seductive surprise inside? Each of LELO’s bedroom accessories are
made with soft silk and buttery suede with the quality that
only LELO is renowned for. So discover LELO’s
amazing accessories and get inspired to be creative in ways
you’ve never imagined.


  • Arkane. AUS

    October 2, 2012

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  • Taylor Knight

    October 17, 2012

    I bought some of these products thanks to Christian Grey!!!!!!

  • Arkane. AUS

    November 19, 2012

    Unleash your own "50 shades" in to your bedroom adventures at ARKANE.com.au

  • BedroomSports

    May 18, 2013

    I wonder if there is still another person who would be skeptical to use the product. It's like, everything is well explained here.


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