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Hello YouTube viewers are still with us on your favorite YouTube channel, i.e. Curtains Tutorial this time we made a Curtains Tutorial Curtains Wave models Try to pay attention and learn Okay? Here we use paper As a size or scallop Like this We cut to the top After the cut Continue This is the side we cut too Continue to cut Okay? After cutting to the side Then We cut the bottom again Continue to cut If it is already Then we open it Open and trim Then like this Let’s play first We tidy up This is Available sizes or scallops This is the paper size or wave curtain scallop Try to pay attention Okay? One by one marked for this 3 centimeters 15 centimeters 15 centimeters Likewise forever 15 centimeters and ends with 7 centimeters Try to notice the picture Okay / that is the size Please see and learn So you can understand Next we turn to the left wing We will see This is the left wing Different from the right Likewise with the size or scallop As you see We continue Beginning at the top 3 centimeters in size Then next is 10 centimeters Then end with 7 centimeters Try to see the picture Okay? This is the size of the left wing wing paper or scallop The blue dash is the boundary of the paper we will cut later If we have measured this paper, we save it Take a look This is the size of the right and left wing Then we make the right scallop size The distance between one point and another point Is 5 centimeters and the length of the paper or scallop is 50 centimeters Try to pay attention Try to see this size 10 times for 5 centimeters Okay? This is the size Try to pay attention Watch carefully Then we sew the right wing This cut line is a sign for a scallop We just sew it This is the size of a 5 centimeter scallop To the right 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 There are 10 scallops Just fold it Like this Just slowly Folding Then just sew But how to sew it We make it tilt The position of the fabric should be tilted like this Like this We sew to follow the points that already exist we sewed part one For further Fabric position is tilted Then sew Slowly Help press with scissors So it’s neat and just sew it If it is already Henceforth we continue sewing We just follow the available scallop Then just sew Next We continue Fold and then arrange the scallops Then just sew Again Folding Arrange the scallop section Then sew Fold then arrange the scallops / Then we sew After stitching Let’s see it Attention please This is a size or a scallop Left wing section This is point one and so on Distance measurement is one and a half centimeters (1.5 centimeters) 1 1/2 Centimeter x 10 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 Attention please This is the size of the left scallop Then we sew This is the size of the left wing scaloop for the same way as the right Just sew The top size is 3 centimeters If there is one sewing bag Next we find the 10 centimeter section to the bottom point Try to pay attention We have sewed the left wing We will see Just assemble it Like this? Just tidy up This Curtains Tutorial please learn and do it at home too Please share this video So other people can learn it For the bottom line we have this The left wing then we cut using scissors Until top Okay youtube viewer Click please SUBSCRIBE you are the best MADE IN INDONESIA

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