How to Use Silver Silk Pinch End Caps and Make a Bracelet

How to Use Silver Silk Pinch End Caps and Make a Bracelet

Hi this is Julie with and today I’m going to show you a fun project using these silver silk with a
ball chain embedded in it and the main reason I want to do this video is actually to show you how to use the ends that go along with silver silk but combine a project along with the
technique and we’d be good to go there are various forms of silver silk and one form has ball chain embedded into and silver silk is this wire mesh. This is actually wire it’s not thread and inside is this delicate little ball chain in this particular one you see is copper with a silver colored ball chain inside it’s just right in there. It’s just a tube
that’s was put over it comes in a bunch of different colors and then the clever people at silver silk have actually made findings that perfectly in case the ball chain and here I have one
that has slots for three separate links here’s a single one with a loop at the
end here’s a double one and there’s little end caps that just comes
to a blunt end and this will be great if you’re doing like a tassel or lariat or some kind of design where you need it just finished off at the end without a loop or a protector so it’s a little hard to see. I’m going to open it up a little I’m actually using a broken pair pliers. The spring no longer works but that’s perfect for this I’m going to put my pliers inside the
middle hole here just inside ever so carefully pull it apart you can’t pull these apart a lot but you do
open them up just a little bit to make it easier to put your ball chain in so if you can see inside there are a couple grooves and basically
they’re little squares and that’s where you’re going to want to
rest your ball chain when you insert it, so there’s two
little grooves here and I want two balls in there so I’m gonna go ahead and open it up a
little bit more for my own sake ever so slightly because I’m going to be using this tool here so I’m gonna put these other ones aside and here is a necklace that I made, you can
see I actually braided my three different strands I used the end caps and then I just use a
nice lobster clasp originally I used two feet of each silver silk color I braided my necklace which is about an
fourteen inch braid. I put the ends on a little clasp, that ends up being almost a sixteen inch necklace my goal was to let that two feet of silver silk be able to make a necklace and a bracelet. I want to show you how to make
the bracelet so you have a finding it has a silver silk logo on one side and it’s plain on the other side and we’re going insert our ends into the finding. So to do this choose how you want them laid out. I want
the silver in the middle with the copper and gold on the side and I’m going to take the end and pinch it basically I’m just forming that wire
mesh around the ball chain roll it in your fingers and pinch it and then you’re just going to insert it into one of the slots push it as far in as it will go that should be about two balls worth
which will then fit into those little internal squares so I’m not going to crimp my finding
yet, insert the next color so again pinch it form our wire around the ball insert it the third color just rolling it in between my fingers,
pinching it insert it as well take a pair of nylon pliers going from the side I’m going to squeeze the findings shut and I’d like to just go from all sides so you can see that shuts nicely and all of those are trapped inside you can actually see through that little
crack where the ball chain is in that mesh. You can see that’s nice and up in
there now that’s closed, so we have this ready to go so I’m going to show you how to braid it we’re going to do a simple three strand braid take a piece of scotch tape I’m going to lay my end on the table tape it down make sure it’s secure and you can see these are a little uneven just from the last braid that I did I have my flush cutters ready as well
as my tape actually I’m going to do a preemptive measure here so now I’m just gonna braid if you’re not familiar with how to do three strand braids lay them out you’re going to take the right
strand over the middle strand then pull the middle strand to the right take the left strand over the middle strand pull that out a way just repeat so right over the middle left over the middle right over the middle left over the middle do that all the way down I love the look of the three different middle colors I think it’s very rich, just perfect for
parties and even events so remember your findings and your clasp are going to add about an inch and an half I’ve got my ruler here I’ve done about six inches, so if they add an
inch and a half that will be perfect for a seven, seven-and-a-half bracelet we’ve got this much done, so what do you
do figure that your braid doesn’t come all unraveled. I’m going to do one more little crossover because I want that silver in the middle
again which is what I had originally so take that piece of tape just wrap it around your braid hold this in place take this off you see how the silver silk logo is
face down on this one so when you attach the finding here, you
wanna make sure that logo is facing down as well just so that everything matches you want to cut your lengths so that you have about three ball chains above the tape lines,
so where you tape it is where your braid was all nice and neat, you wanna make sure
about three ball chains snip it off with flush cutters now for this one I’m more concerned with the fact that it’ll be
even with the one I just cut out of the three ball chains curve into that finding about there same with this one here and take my finding at this point I want to take my tape off, I’m going to pinch my strands so that they don’t unravel I’m going to cut this off actually a little bit of a balancing act here too
so that your braid doesn’t come undone go ahead pinch all those end so that wire is how you want it nice and flush against the ball chain inside remember we wanted that silver silk logo to
face down insert you have to do this all at once insert all three of them into the finding push them as far as they’ll go hold that in place and go ahead and use your nylon jaw pliers to seal them in there there we go so now all we have to do is add a clasp I’m going to do a really simple one here
using three jump rings and a lobster clasp I didn’t add ay glue to my findings. I didn’t feel I needed to
because they’re pretty solid in there they’re not gonna come out if you’re worried you could use a
little bit of E6000 glue on the inside just before you insert your silver silk, just to give a little
bit extra reinforcement I would suggest doing that if you’re not sure
that you’re pushing all the way so that it’s going all the way to the back of the
finding. If you’re having troubles with that I would reinforce it with E6000 open a jump ring to attach the clasp simple as can be now we have a really pretty little bracelet to match our necklace I’ll show you the set which we were able to make using two feet of each of the three colors of silver silk with ball chain embedded in so you can find a full ingredient list and
instructions for these two projects and more at in the free project section. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


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    What length do you need for the bracelet…'s not mentioned in the video. I also wanted to know if you have any videos on earrings with this product.


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