How to Make a Flower Headband from Silk Flowers | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Flower Headband from Silk Flowers | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world today is a very exciting day because i have the fabulous and wonderful Frankie joining me today so Frankie get this i’m doing this event and its kind of kind of gotta like a you know coachella kind of feel to it and they’re like we want to do something fun some headband-y kind of things like okay like those flower things right but we wanted to make it easy because you know you’re talking about a whole lot of people trying to make this craft and you don’t want people to be like kind of weaving flowers and all that stuff so we came up with a way to make what we call our faux-chela headbands and we’re gonna make it together today okay for this project we’re going to need assorted flowers cotton elastic headbands glue gun scissors and if you’ve got it a wig head but that’s optional and ribbon which is also optional so what we’re going to be doing at the event actually is we’re going to be using these wig heads now if you don’t have a wig head it’s not the end of the world you could always take like a cowboy hat or something like that you could use the cowboy hat as the base you just want something to keep it stretched out you know what I mean just so that when you’re gluing your not gluing the headband to itself so Frankie we have all these great flowers and leaves and all kinds of stuff here and the thing about it is this they come in bunches and i got these at the dollar store so this is actually a very reasonable craft i also was able to get the headbands at the dollar store so the thing about it is they come in these little like bunches and all you gotta do is take them and pop them off the stems but as you see they have like this little tiny knob or nub there so when we use them we’re just going to need to make sure that we cut this little nubs off and then they’re nice and flat and all we have to do is hot glue them to the band now the other thing is as you’re going along if you want to like scrunch your band and.and you make like kind of different shape to it you totally can so you get to go to town miss because this is your headband and I know you’ve chosen flowers that you like so whichever one you want and the other thing that’s great about this is that you don’t have to fill the entire headband with flowers you can just do a few like Frankie has on her headband here she just got a few of them you can do that as we have right here you can see we’ve just added a couple of them to the little band and that looks just as cute as a full headband ok Frankie you got one so that was a good one that snipped right off so where would you like to put that Frankie right there ok so let’s put some glue right here yeah – right at the eye I love it so we’re just going to put a half decent amount of glue there Frankie and then you just want to stick it on and we can kind of pull up the fabric up and around the flower so that it gets nice and secure ok and you can just keep choosing if you want now see you can just stop right there add a couple leaves if you wanted but you keep going to town Madame so the thing about the the flowers is that when they come they come with not only flower part but they also have all these fabulous leaves on them and the leaves are just as great for using for decorations as not and you can stick them she’s working there i’m just going to show you you can like stick them at different angles and different places and you can use them to fill in any gaps that you have that’s pretty I love these I love these are kind of like a mum where you want to go with that one right there sure so right there or you show me right here you got it i’m just going to mark it with my finger there you said that we could like scrunch the fabric yeah you want to scrunch fabric on this one yeah you got it like in the middle there yeah oh yeah definitely you’re going to push that one there I see what you’re saying and then scrunch the fabric in the middle of here uh-huh sure we can do that so what Frankie saying is she wants to take this fabric and scrunch it in the middle and that’s to do that what we’re going to do is just take this headband scootch it down oh oh you know what happened it just came away from the backer which is totally fine all we’ve got to do is just put a little dab of glue right there and pop it right on the side right back okay you want to put this you want to squish this together is what you’re saying so I’m just gonna take a little bit of glue this is great to show everybody so you just take a little bit of glue like that Frankie and squeeze it from either side fold it up on top of itself ok easy okay yep and we can add more flowers if you want to there or you can just leave it like this and i’m just going to hold it now it is hot so you have to be careful with your fingers of course and if you’re nervous about the hot glue what you can do is use two pencils just two erasers holding from either side until it looks nice those are shooting all over the place aren’t they this is looking cute now the other thing that you can add if you want to is ribbon so Frankie while you’re figuring that up I’m gonna grab a little ribbon here and show everybody how we add some I have this really pretty silky ribbon which i think might be kind of fun to have going down the back what do you think so i’m going to take it and I just loop it over in half like that ok and now what I’m going to do is take the back of the head and I’m going to feed it right through underneath the back of the head open up the loop pull the ribbon ends through that loop and just let them go down and then the great thing about it is I can add a little flower if I want to like a little one yeah exactly you’re like the queen of cutting these things off i’m gonna have to have you come to the event with me and we’ll put it right on the back there so as you can see this is one of those crafts that you can just spend all day having fun with and you can make so many different styles and patterns isn’t that cute yeah you can totally have the glue gun i’ll pass it over to you so Frankie is going to continue working on this and in the meantime I’m going to say if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see for crafting just make sure you leave us a comment down below and if you liked this idea of an easy version of a headband give us the thumbs up and if you want to leave a comment for my friend Frankie feel free to do so down below for more great ideas come and check us out at I like that one you’re giving it a little squeeze cool


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    I love this video

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    January 7, 2017

    Good Frankie cute HeadBand


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