How To Create Embroidery Files & Mockups: Printful Tutorial

How To Create Embroidery Files & Mockups: Printful Tutorial

Hi there! Wes from Printful here! Let’s look at how our embroidery mockup
generator works! We’ll go through creating well-formatted
embroidery files for your embroidered hats or apparel as well as high quality mockup
images for your storefront. If you want to add embroidery products directly
to your store, the process of creating embroidery designs is the same in our product push generator
as well. But we’ll use our mockup generator for this
example. Before we start, we suggest you take a look
at our embroidery file formatting videos for both hats and apparel. They go into detail about the dos and don’ts
of embroidery and how to correctly format your graphics for each embroidery style we
offer. There are links to them in the description
below. So make sure you watch those, before you start
creating your own designs. Now let’s jump into it – first we’ll look
at creating embroidery files for hats. So to get started, go to our Mockup Generator. And now choose “Accessories” from the
list here and pick a hat you want to design on. I’ll choose this one for the example. Now here you can select the color or multiple
colors you want the hat to be in. Next up you can create your design. You can either upload your own pre-created
embroidery file or use our text tool to create a text based design right here in the generator. So Click “Upload file” and here you can
see that for this hat you have the option to add a front, back and also side embroidery
designs. Let’s add a front design, so hit “choose
file” and now you have the option to upload your precreated embroidery file. Or if you go to the ‘Sample files’ tab
here – you can choose a graphic from a selection of our free sample designs. These designs are created by our in-house
designers and you can add them to your store if you want. Now let’s say I want to upload my own graphic
as the front design, so I go to ‘my files’ and upload the file. Note that if you’re uploading your own design,
it’s important you’ve created it with our embroidery guidelines in mind, because
there are color and size limitations you need to take into account for each embroidery style. Make sure to watch our embroidery design formatting
videos, so this process runs as smoothly as possible! All links are in the description below. When you’ve uploaded the design, you can reposition
and resize your graphic inside the embroidery area here. And here you can follow along your design
quality information – it’ll warn you, if the file size is too small and you should
upload a graphic in higher resolution. My design here is formatted as a single file,
but if you want to add multiple elements to your design – just hit “choose new file”. Next up, choose the embroidery style you want
the design to be done in. You can choose flat embroidery, 3d puff embroidery
or partial 3d puff which means that parts of your design will be done in 3d puff and
others – in flat embroidery. The specifics of designing for each of them
are covered in the video I mentioned before. For this design we’ll choose flat embroidery. A very important aspect to consider when creating
your graphics is the color choice – there are limited thread color options for each
of the embroidery styles offered, and you can see the max number of thread colors listed
here. So, as you can see, the design we have here
has 4 colors. And since we’re doing it in flat embroidery,
it fits within the range of the maximum thread colors for this style. Note that the generator recognizes all colors
you have in your design and matches them to the colors you select here. For example, the design we uploaded doesn’t
exactly match any of the colors offered, but if we start to pick out the colors we want,
they will be correctly replaced with matching embroidery thread colors. for example, we
have white for the logo text, then blue, orange and yellow for the triangles. But the best way to guarantee that your colors
will match, is to create your design with the exact colors we offer in mind. You can find all of them on the embroidery
guidelines page with color codes for each, there’s also a link to them in the description. You also have the option to create a text
based design right here in our generator.currently our text tool supports only flat embroidery. To create a design, click “Add text” here. Type in the text you want to embroider. If your text is more than one line, you can
align your text here. Next up you can choose from a selection of
fonts here. And pick the thread color. As well as adjust the text size, spacing or
line height. You can also resize or reposition your text
here. There’s a maximum of 2 text layers you can
add for a design. To add another layer, click “Another text”
here. And make sure your text layers don’t overlap
or go outside the embroidery area. Note that the generator will also warn you
if the lines in your design are too thin to get properly embroidered. You can also combine your uploaded designs
with text. For example, I want to add one of our sample
graphics to this text design. So let’s choose the file. But remember that text designs created within
the generator can only be done in flat embroidery, so you won’t be able to combine it with
a 3D puff design. And make sure you’ve selected all the thread
colors you want for this design. For this hat style you also have the option
to add back and side embroidery. These designs can only be done in flat embroidery
and have a limit of two thread colors. Now once you’re done with your design, click
“ Generate files” here. Here you can choose what type of mockups and
embroidery files you want to generate. Once you’re done with your selections, hit
“Generate Files”. And now you can download your files or save
them in your store library for easy access when adding products to your store. You can also add embroidery on apparel products
like t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and more. So let’s look at creating an embroidered
t-shirt. So in our mockup generator let’s choose
men’s t-shirts and the Bella Canvas 3001 shirt. Choose “Embroidery” as the technique here. Select the color you want for the shirt. And now similarly to hats, you can either
upload a design or create a text based graphic right in the generator. The guidelines for apparel embroidery differ
from hats, but we have a video tutorial covering this, so make sure you watch it if you want
to create embroidered apparel. Note that apparel embroidery can only be done
in flat embroidery style and you have the maximum of four thread colors to choose from. Once you’re done with your design, you can
generate mockups for this shirt as well as your embroidery file. Before creating your embroidery products remember
to go through our embroidery resources – tutorial videos for both hat and apparel embroidery
as well as guidelines for each of the products you want to create. You can find them on our ‘products & pricing’
page by choosing the ‘guidelines’ tab under each product. Last thing you should check out is our FAQ
explaining digitization and adjustment fees for embroidery. I hope this video helped you understand how
our embroidery generator works and will make creating your embroidered products easier. As I mentioned before, We went through the
steps in our mockup generator, but the layout s the same when adding embroidery products
to your store with our product push generator. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
channe l if you haven’t already and click the bell icon to get notifications when we
upload new videos!


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    I tried using this service but you can only but a logo in the corner of the shirt which is really stupid! Not happy…

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