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hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post a new
tutorial every week to help sewers of all skill levels learn new projects and
techniques this week I’m showing how to make a drawstring project bag I know a
lot of people like to take crafting type projects like knitting or embroidery
with them when they go to places such as sporting events or appointments or
anything like that so the bag I’m gonna show how to make today is perfect for
that sort of thing I’ve actually been wanting to make this bag for quite some
time and now that I’ve made it I want to make so many more of them because I love
it so much to make your bag you will need to pick out some fabrics I used two
for mine but you can definitely use three or even four if you want and the
bag outer fabric needs to be something that is sturdy so think of maybe an
upholstery fabric or like a denim weight fabric because you want the material to
have some structure and to be kind of able to support the bag it kind of stand
up on its own and this is what gives them a that really great shape that is
perfect for carrying those different projects now for the rest of the fabrics
you can use just basic cotton fabric or you can use cotton fabric or all of it
you would just need to use some either fusible fleece or fusible foam to give
the bag outer that structure if it doesn’t already have it on its own I
will have a detailed list of every piece that you need and the measurements and
all of that listed out on my website whitneysews.com
the direct link to the post will be in this video’s description start by laying
the two bag outer pieces right sides together and sewing along the sides and
bottom with a half inch seam allowance remember to backstitch at the beginning
and ending of each seam repeat with the lining laying the two pieces right sides
together sew the sides and bottom but this time leave an opening in one side
for turning the bag through later here’s how both should look you can see the
opening in the side is about the size of my four fingers time to box the corners
flatten the corner so it makes a point line up the seam on the top and bottom
and make sure the seam cesare going in opposite directions line a ruler up with the seam and
position it so the fabric is taking up four inches on the ruler mark along the edge of the ruler
add a couple of clips and sew directly on the marked line repeat for each
corner of the outer and the lining trim off the excess on each corner
leaving about a half inch for the seam lines onto the bag upper lay the two
pieces right sides together matching up all of the edges use a ruler to mark
five inches up from the bottom and five inches down from the top on both sides
this will leave a one-inch section in the middle so from the top to the first
mark back stitch and skip to the second mark back stitch again and sew to the
other end do this on both sides open up the seam allowances on each side
and give them a press so they are nice and flat then sew a top stitch along
each side to hold the seam allowance in place be careful to not sew the front
side to the back side while doing this this step will help make a nicer casing
for the drawstring to go into later fold the top piece in half so the pre sides
are on the outside press the folded edge with an iron and
sew a line of stitching all the way around 5/8 inch from the folded edge
this forms the casing at the top with the openings on each side for adding the
drawstrings now for the bag straps Center a piece of fusible fleece on each
strap piece so the textured side is against the back side of the fabric fuse
in place with an iron use the fusible fleece as a guide to turn each long edge
in by a 1/2 inch and press and finally fold the entire piece in half and sew
along both long edges you position the straps on each side of the
bag outer I have mine three inches in from the side seams but feel free to
place them however close or far apart you want so across each end to attach grab the bag upper and place it on the
bag outer so all of the raw edges are at the top and the side seams match up
click the layers together and sew around the top edge I absolutely love using
craft Clips instead of pins I’ll have the clips and some of my other
favorite sewing supplies and an amazon link down below now flip the entire thing into the
lining so the right sides are all together and match up the side seams add
more of the clips and sew all the way around the top edge find the opening left in the side and
use it to turn the entire bag right sides out
make sure the seam allowances are tucked into the opening and sew a top stitch to
close it up push the lining down into the bag and
flip the bag top up the seam allowances between the outer and lining should all
be pointing down toward the bottom of the bag so a top stitch near the edge of
the back body to give it a nice finished look and secure the seam allowances on
the inside the straps should be raised so you don’t so over them pick a ribbon
or cord and insert it into the casing at the top of the bag in one side and all
the way around until it comes out the same opening a safety pin makes this a
lot easier trim the ends sere with a lighter and tie in a knot repeat with
the opening on the other side at this point you can be done but I’m
going to show how to make an insert to go into the bottom of the bag to provide
a little bit of extra sturdiness I’m going to use a bosal in r foam plus
for this because it is a sewable fusible foam it’s actually fusible on
both sides which is really perfect for this and it has a nice bit of structure
to it but it is still a little bit flexible and it is washable which is
always a benefit you can find this in that amazon link that i mentioned
earlier if you want some more info on it and if you do end up purchasing anything
through that amazon link i do earn a small percentage and that goes to
funding future Whitney Sews tutorials which is awesome so thank you to everyone who
uses my amazon link it is a huge help to fund videos for projects like this I
measured the inside of my bag and it was about nine and a half by four inches so
I cut a piece of foam that was just a hair smaller than that like just a tiny
bit smaller then grab a piece of fabric and fold it in half mine was the fabric
left from cutting out the bag body pieces line the foam up with the folded
edge and trace around the foam piece then sew just a touch outside of the
marked line to allow for the thickness of the foam leave an opening in the
middle of the long side trim away any excess material and clip the corners to
reduce bulk turn the piece of right sides out and
poke out those corners then insert the phone through the
opening and make sure it is laying nice and flat inside if the foam is too big
take it out and trim off the smallest amount at a time until it does fit
flatly inside the insert since the foam I used is fusible on both sides I gave
the piece a press with the iron once it is in place so that it bonds with the
fabric and stays perfectly in place and use a needle and thread to sew the
opening closed with a ladder stitch I will have a separate tutorial link where
I show up close how to sew a ladder stitch it’s the same one that I use to
close up all of the memory bears that I make place the insert down in the bottom of
the bag and you are all set to carry whatever you want inside your awesome
drawstring bag I absolutely love how this bag turned out and I cannot wait to
start using it if you give this project a try I definitely want to see pictures
of the bags you make so make sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see
your pictures and let me know in the comments what you would carry in a bag
like this or where you would carry it to if you want more drawstring bag
tutorials and inspiration I have an entire playlist of them already posted
here on YouTube I’ll have that playlist linked right over here to the side and
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