DR-HO’S®  Neck Comforter Review: Elizabeth & Ingrid K

DR-HO’S® Neck Comforter Review: Elizabeth & Ingrid K

Under a year ago, my mother and I were in
a car accident and it caused a little bit of neck injury on my left side and I’ve been
getting treatments ever since but my insurance has run out as well so I can’t go as often,
so because the spaces between my treatment are longer, I need something in the middle
to help because I can , I see it’s getting worse again, my neck problems have been getting
worse, I get frequent headaches. Especially because I’m in I.T., and I’m always on the
computer, and by the end of the day my neck is very tight, and I can feel that there’s
a headache coming on. Trying the Neck Comforter, I could feel it stretched out my neck the
way that my chiropractor does when he does traction on my neck and at first, I could
feel it really resisting on my left side, but by the end of the fifteen minutes, it
had stretched it out and it felt much more relaxed and my range of movement was much better.

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