DIY Learn How to Make Pom Poms from Yarn – Clover Pompom Maker Fork Hair Pick Pompoms

DIY Learn How to Make Pom Poms from Yarn – Clover Pompom Maker Fork Hair Pick Pompoms

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today
I’m going to show you how to make pom-poms out of yarn or string. To view this video
in other languages, click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From
there you can translate into over 100 different languages. To make pompoms, you will need
just a small amount of yarn – any kind will do. Some scissors. And either your hand, a
pom pom maker, a hair pick or a fork to wind the yarn around. You can find the written
instructions on my website For the hand method, take an 18 inch piece of
yarn or string and place it between your middle and ring finger. Then take the strand from
the skein of yarn, and wind it approximately 200 times around your hand. After the 200th
time around, cut the end. Then take the strand that was between your fingers, and use it
to tie around all of the wound yarn, right in the middle. You can carefully take it off
your hand, then pull the strand tightly and knot it several times. Then take your scissors,
and cut through each one of the loops, all along the side. Afterwards, you can trim up
the pom pom with the scissors into a nicer round shape. Continue trimming here and there
until you are happy with the shape of your pom pom. You have other color options as well,
like using 2 different color strands of yarn at the same time. By using 2 strands at once,
you only need to wind the yarn held together around your hand 100 times. Then trim as usual.
I like using these pom poms as toppers for presents, instead of a bow. Just start off
with a longer strand of yarn in between your fingers, so that you have enough to tie around
your box. Then just trim any excess ends and blend it in with your pom pom. You can use
other items besides your hand to make pom poms, like a fork. Just wrap the yarn around
the fork the same way you did before. And trim the pom pom. You can see this method
makes a smaller pom pom. And you can use other items like a hair pick if you wish. I’m sure
there are many more items you can find around the house as well that will work. Now my absolute
favorite are these Clover pom pom makers. They are plastic circles that pull apart.
First, take your yarn and wrap it around the first half as evenly as possible. Once you
get near the end, take your scissors and cut off the yarn. Repeat for the other side. And
then cut off the yarn on this side as well. Close the two sides towards the center to
form the circle again. Then take your scissors, and cut the loops in the middle, right along
the ridge of the pom pom maker. You’ll cut along the entire edge on both sides. Then
cut a separate 18″ piece of yarn or string. And insert this yarn along the center groove.
Then pull tightly and tie and knot the two ends together. Once completed, pull apart
the ends from the pom pom maker. Then pull the two halves outwards. Your completed pom
pom should just come right out. Fluffen up your pom pom. If you notice, there’s very
little trimming that needs to be done when you use a pom pom maker. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
Check out the description of this video for more information. And please visit
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  • 2 sisters craftzz

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