Denise Wild Talks Sewing Hacks, Sewing in Hotel Rooms, Future of Sewing Machines | SEWING REPORT

Denise Wild Talks Sewing Hacks, Sewing in Hotel Rooms, Future of Sewing Machines | SEWING REPORT

we’ve got another special edition of the
Sewing Report my sewing buddy Denise Wild is here she is a sewing and crafting
genius we’re gonna chat with her welcome to the sewing report I’m Jennifer Moore
helping you discover your love of sewing and with me right now is Denise Wild
our Canadian friend and residents sewing and crafting expert Denise thank you so
much for being here for a long time and I’m really happy to be here seeing all
your viewers and just getting to chat with you all the things that we love so
Denise and I met I’m not even sure how oh I think I had found your website and
I’d reached out to you to ask if you know I could link to you guys on link to
your site for my site and we just started talking
so Denise how did you originally get into sewing in the first place well my
so my family’s always so my mom sewed my grandma sewed and it’s something that
I’ve always been around but it wasn’t until I was 13 and my dad he traded
services with somebody once for a summer I think he might have built something or
done their taxes or something like that and the lady came and taught me to sew
so every week she would come over and she helped me with a pattern so we went
to the fabric store together we fabric together she taught me how to cut
everything and at the time it says I’ll date myself but we did a brown plaid
button-down shirt which was a very cool time I promise um but I just like I
loved it I loved every minute of it and I basically didn’t stop sewing and I
just wanted to do nothing but so ever since then like it just brings me so
much joy I love doing it I love teaching others to do it so that’s kind of that’s
how I got started in sewing oh and um now you eventually went on to found a
sewing school correct yeah so my background is a magazine editorial I was
working for the largest fashion magazine in Canada at the time cosplayer and
now actually Blair just this year just this year last year they went down to
digital-only which is skills magazine world is dying but um so I was working
at Flair at the time I was kind of known as the girl who sewed I would always sew
my own clothes I started sewing for others and then people started asking me
to teach them how to sell love to teach sewing classes once I am you know
retired when I’m an old lady maybe I can teach sewing classes in my basement and
as soon as that thought came into my head it just wouldn’t leave I thought
you know what I really do want to teach sewing classes and I thought maybe I’ll
try and get a part-time job at a local fabric store or actually I guess that
was kind of the only option at the time a fabric store but I thought well no
one’s gonna hire me because I’m a magazine editor I was always going to
events or traveling or whatever I basically didn’t have a proper schedule
like my schedule my work always ran into evenings and weekends nobody’s gonna
hire me I thought well maybe I can just teach classes out of my place and I was
living in a one-bedroom apartment downtown Toronto at the time and I was
kind of Chad Kelly chatting with a girlfriend of mine who I told her this
idea that I wanted just so once I was retired in my basement and I said you
know what I actually think I want to teach now and she said well actually my
friends and I are wanting to learn how to sew and I’m in charge of finding out
where so if you want to teach classes will be your first student and I was
like that’s it I put together a program I it was like an eight week program they
came over with their sewing machines they brought their sewing machines in my
coffee table my dresser like we had sewing machines everywhere and we went
through sorry don’t worry about it don’t worry about it we’re a little more
casual here at the sewing report so don’t worry anyway so I taught her and
her friends I taught some co-workers then strangers started calling me up
Utah cousin you taught my neighbors or that next thing you know I had to move
to a commercial look I was hiring staff I had three locations
in Toronto I had 3000 square-feet in Manhattan and then eventually I sold the
company so mottley was building the sewing studio I was still working in
magazines and then it came to a point actually I remember when I was in New
York opening the studio I was working part-time for a South Asian magazine and
I called my boss and I was like I love doing this and I want to do it forever
but I just can’t just have no more time so there was a point where I couldn’t
juggle the two anymore I eventually sold the company to fnw media which was the
largest craft publisher in the world at the time I think they’re probably still
the largest publisher but the whole publishing industry has changed so much
who knows what’s happening and now I do TV I do a lot of a lot of daytime TV I’m
talking about sewing spreading the love of sewing and crafting I do some brand
representation and my husband and I started a company as well where we go
into elementary schools and we do sewing workshops so we bring in 15 to 30 sewing
machines we bring in four or five instructors and we teach the entire
school one grade at a time how does so it’s so much fun and you know of course
we’re passing on a great skill you know and you know in everyday life skill that
people should know but also we’re spreading the love of creativity you
know I just I know that you feel the same way too you like making something
with your hands just makes you feel so good it’s kind of my Zen my happy place
and we’re using that to in from a mentorship perspective to help build
confidence in kids to help them focus on mindfulness self-regulation
and you know with some of the great thing about sewing and any crap is there
are no wrong answers right you know when the kids creating and doing something
creative they’re making something with their hands they don’t feel intimidated
they feel liberated so you know put 40 kids in a gym class
or in a math class or in a art history class and a good portion of the kids
might feel uncomfortable or you know whatever it is their their ability is
their their body type their you know mental capabilities or their their
social economic level they just might not feel comfortable in that environment
but you put them in an art class or a sewing class and all of a sudden
everyone is succeeding everyone’s making a project everyone’s feeling great about
themselves it’s really nice and what do you feel like that’s the key to get
younger people to sew is getting them at an earlier age like that yeah well you
know definitely getting them started earlier but also seeing the
possibilities I think one of the things with my generation especially was a lot
of our mothers didn’t pass that skill on to us because they were like you have to
go to college like sewing is something that you only do if you can’t afford
clothes like that’s when like that was their mindset that you know that sewing
you you sewed if you were poor or because you had to so they wanted us to
become lawyers become doctors go to university and that whole art and all
those domestic skills kind of bypassed us and now us and the younger
generations are saying wait we’re so connected all the time you know we’re on
social media are on the computer or we’re you know in robot mode at work
people need that creative outlet they need to make something with their hands
and then of course a basic life skill of being able to sew on a button or hem
your pants or fix something in your curtains you know a lot of people don’t
have that so I think um showing kit teaching kids young but also showing
them that there’s a world of possibilities you’re not sewing because
you can’t afford to buy clothes in the store you know you’re sewing to create
something cool if you’re making clothes you’re all of a sudden making clothes
that fit you or making them in the style that you want you can do it as a
business you you know do it to repair things around
your house and not such a misconception I think everyone assumes that if you so
you’re doing it to save money and that’s not usually the case as we know I know
you can I mean sewing can be kind of expensive and I would definitely think
of sewing in some aspects is almost alleged like a luxury activity you know
solutions cost money fabric costs money and it’s not cheaper than buying your
clothes at a store totally it depends on what you’re buying and what you’re
usually spending on your clothes but I agree completely and the time involved
you know it does take a lot of time which is a very precious commodity for
us these days but but that’s why you know finding the pleasure in it and the
joy and the relaxation in it there’s so much more to sewing than than what there
was than just the economy that it that it used to be now I totally agree and
now what kind of like what do you think interests kids about sewing like you
said you know again it’s a chance to be creative I know a lot of brands are
trying to figure out how to reach younger people or reach your younger men
and women and you know it’s something that it seems like in a larger scale we
haven’t been able to really figure out yet but it’s something that everyone
wants to know how to do yeah I would think kids like it’s really important to
have them succeed in a project right away so you know what we’re used to
selling we’re used to making garments that we work on over the course of days
weeks months depending on how much time you’re and how complicated is but with
kids they need to sew something and have a finished project they love seeing
stuff come together and all of a sudden you’ve got to you know dimensional
pieces of fabric and you’ve turned them into a three-dimensional creation that
you can wear or use or play with so I think that that tangibility is really
good but also reinforcing that it’s quick it’s easy you get a finished
product out of it so you know if you’re teaching kids to sew or if you want them
to sew with your project like get them to do something fast fast and complete
and then they’re like yes what kind of projects would you
recommend for either kids or adults who are just starting out what kind of
projects might be good for them um so for adults for for sure I always say
start with a skirt even if you do not wear skirts I always recommend that
people start with skirts and actually let me back up before that if you’re a
brand brand brand new to sewing then I would start with like craft projects
whether it’s a pillow a zippered pouch a drawstring bag like square like you know
straight lines two pieces of fabric put those together make something small and
then work bigger from there I think that’s the biggest thing if you have
really high ambitions you’re like I’m just reading just so and I want to sew a
stretch dress with like a sheer bottom and a bustier top you’re like no that’s
not gonna work for you so I think for sure with anybody whatever age start
small simple don’t assume that you’ll be able to make whatever you want and just
you know have that success and then move on to something bigger so for adults you
know crop small craft projects small things then building up it when you’re
getting into garments the skirt has to be the first one it’s easy to fit easy
to make you know simple things but then you’re
getting all that permit making techniques so we’ve we’ve talked about
this before because did you and I chat pretty frequently all the time I know
there are a lot of like YouTube channels and blogs so that kind of they they have
projects like the 5 minute crafts projects and some of them don’t seem
super practical and sometimes it’s kind of interesting to see but jenna Marbles
who’s a huge youtuber just put out a video recently where she tries out some
of these crafts and they’re just total fails like they don’t these things are
not practical these things are not you know they end up cost costing way more
and they’re not as good as something you could buy um
do you does that kind of frustrate you when you see like it frustrates me when
I see stuff like that where where it’s like they only care about the video or
the photo of the product right don’t really look at the practicality
of it yes it does drive me crazy and I do get lost in that particular channel
in five minute crafts and I get frustrated and angry and like is so
ridiculous I’m wasting so much time but they do have some projects that I really
like especially stuff for kids but um yeah I do agree a lot of it when you see
it it’s very frustrating you know doing ridiculous things where you’re using a
glue gun or using whatever and you’re like it’s not really like no about that
is that you know it’s encouraging people like reminding people you can make stop
and like why don’t you yes you can even make up but yeah one so one of the
projects was was we were laughing about was hot glue like slippers or something
and they just look totally ridiculous so uh and I feel like some of those video
and then Jenna was like you know this definitely was not a five-minute craft
took her like two hours but I was serious
yeah hilarious that some of these things you see on Pinterest you’re like that is
that is not for real and then fake write-ups you know and then actually I
do see a lot of time people are commenting like I tried your recipe it
doesn’t work or or they go to these sites like you’ll click on the image
thinking it’ll take you right to the direct blog site and it’s some aggregate
website where they’ve collected like 25 things you have to click through before
you get to the thing you actually looking for and that’s also one of my
big pet peeves about Pinterest like I’m just like you click on it and it’s not
what like it some of the links are very misleading so yeah I feel like I
Pinterest for me as a very love-hate relationship it likes everyone snot
you’re saying there’s like a good one but then a lot of the stuff there like
there’s things you probably shouldn’t use hot glue on or any video that tells
you to like use hot glue in lieu of sewing I’m very leery of or if they’re
using like glue I’m like yeah that’s not really gonna oh
to work very well I want to ask you what are your favorite types of projects and
what kinds of fabrics do you most enjoy working with um so I love my favorite
projects well just so I love garment sewing I just there’s something about
being able to make something that I can wear that nobody else wears it’s so
satisfying um you know I used to shop in a lot of stores where you’d go to you
know you go out with your friends and they’re like oh I tried that shirt on
last week and you’re like great or show up to wedding actually this happened to
me I showed up to a wet hand friend Brenda my husband’s wedding wearing a
dress and there was another girl wearing the same dress so um yeah I love sewing
clothes because you’ll get something it fits you it’s exactly what you want and
nobody else has it um because I’m a new mom well new she’s almost four hey
that’s still new mom in my book I don’t know so because I’m a new mom I do a lot
of projects with my daughter and especially because we’re doing you know
teaching elementary school kids like lots of crafts up lots of things with
googly eyes and like funny things but I love that stuff like it’s just it’s fun
to make it’s easy to do I think that’s my new fun thing is like just simple
craft stuff as far as fabrics I love a stretch cotton twill I love working with
that especially for like fitted dresses the stretch makes it great I find the
the heaviness and the weight of the cotton twill just gives it so much
substance and four-cross belt there you can’t go wrong with felt like you cut it
it doesn’t fray it maintains its shapes bright fun colors yeah now you do a lot
of TV appearances where you go on and you show people how to make these crafts
that you think of yourself and some of the stuff I’ve seen I’ll link to
Denise’s YouTube channel and everything else below but some of your like your
creativity level is just off the charts some of the stuff you come up with I’m
like how did she come up with that because it’s so genius
like I think for Christmas you did you had made like pretzel like pretzels or
cookies that look like reindeer or something like how do you think of these
things and like how like I just kind of like I I feel like my mind just can’t go
there you know I try to keep an eye on everything like I’m always looking for
inspiration and I feel like inspiration comes from anywhere so if you just start
to pay attention to the littlest things like you’ll see a color or a shape or a
funny face or you know if you see a character for example you’re like hey
that would work as a pillow or I could turn that into a cookie the other great
thing that I find just for inspiration is just to go right to the store whether
it’s a fabric store or a craft store because once you see the materials I
feel like that’s what gives you kind of the final seal of what that project
would be so I’ll have an idea in mind that ok I want to create some type of
you know office organizer using different pieces that will give a final
like gold spray paint over purple spray paint over or something but it’s not
until you’re in the store you’re like oh no I’m going to use this lazy susan and
make it like spin around or whatever it is so I like to look at you know
unexpected inspirations but for sure the supply store like wherever you’re going
if it’s the grocery store if it’s the fabric store I’m just seeing exactly
what they have and then just trying to think of a different way to use that so
offhand what’s like the most what do you think is the most like creative craft
project you’ve ever come up with I don’t know if you could like or maybe like
something that was kind of out there or like different I will tell you actually
the one time where I couldn’t stop bragging about how amazing I was I was
going to Vancouver I had a segment planned in Vancouver and it was summer
crafts and there was a an online classified listing website in Canada
it’s called Kijiji it’s our version of Craigslist but it’s owned by eBay so
everybody up here uses kijiji and Kijiji wasn’t sure they sponsored me
for the segment but they didn’t know until the very last minute I had all of
my bags packed I had to leave for the airport and my publicist texted me about
an hour like maybe like three up two or three hours before I was leaving to the
airport Kijiji is in so I was like oh I need to quickly pull together a project
so I was like what’s summer what can I take with me anyway I found a kid’s
rocking chair for five dollars I sent my husband in the car to go drive
and pick it off picked it up brought it back and then I was like what am I gonna
do with this I got some dinosaurs and animal like plastic dinosaurs and
animals from the dollar store and I got some block letters from the dollar store
so I spray painted the letters and the dinosaur was gold i spray-painted and I
was at first I was like am I gonna fly to Vancouver and spray this in the hotel
at night and hope that it dries my morning I was like no I’m gonna spray it
now and then it’ll just have to dry in the box on the airplane and then I
spray-painted the chair it was like this ancient Brown rocking chair like hideous
I did it like kind of this dusty blue and then I made the letters fellow roar
I hot-glued the good old hog Luga I hot-glued the letters on the back of the
chair I put the animals on let and it was so adorable and so amazing it fit
perfectly in a box and I was at the airport within three hours and I was
like I am a clean crap roster well wait so where did you glue on those plastic
dinosaurs really was it like on the top or yes so the arch of that chair or two
ends I had two of the dinosaurs and then on the arms I had like a lion and uh
whatever bear and then underneath on the rock the boat rock apart I had two more
so it was super cute like the colors are awesome I was like I can’t believe I
pulled this off and I was very what happened to the
rocking chair do you still have it in the basement but because it actually
went to Vancouver and then I present it again in Calgary and then it flew back
to here so it’s all the pieces are detached so I still have to hot glue it
back together right maybe that could be you could do an update on it and it may
be like refresh the chair I don’t know that sounds awesome and that’s
interesting so you have to travel with all these craft supplies and projects
like how do you do that like I hate I don’t like traveling very like I don’t
like having to schlep my stuff around like like what give any secrets for that
like that’s crazy I don’t you know I I am normally a very light packer but with
all the crafts I’ll go to Vancouver like overnight or Montreal like I’ll do just
like a flying that night flight out the next morning and I’ll have four
suitcases plus a sewing machine box it’s crazy like if you see me at the airport
with like 12 boxes I’m going overnight somewhere and sewing machines are you
know some of them can be a little bit happy because I’ve seen here now how did
you originally get started doing these TV appearances so when I have the sewing
school I initially wanted to do TV to promote the business to try and get more
customers in so I was reaching out to TV stations back then and then I had some
TV stations reach out to me too because I was the only sewing school in Toronto
at the time the only hobby sewing school not you know we have universities and
colleges that have that as well but but I would have people reaching out to me
too saying you know we’re doing something on fabric can you come and
show this so it just kind of worked synergistically it you know it was
partly me reaching out and partly me just having my information out there and
then people reaching out back to me that’s awesome and you also have some
DVDs so as a gift you sent me some of your DVDs that you better teach sewing
you have an online class I don’t link to that stuff as well I watch the DVDs they
were so helpful like when I watched them I’d already been sewing for a couple
years but I really feel like you’d explain things and
that’s very approachable and easy to understand because sometimes those
sometimes when you watch videos or you read books about sewing it’s really hard
to wrap your mind around the concept cuz it’s a different language right it’s a
different language you’re doing something completely different so I
think that’s really key to teaching people is just use bare basics you know
as much as you can break it down step by step remember that somebody doesn’t know
that you have to lift the presser foot to pull up your fabric you know you
really have to sew Denise’s classes are I highly recommend them if you’re trying
to get into garment sewing and you you just need some extra help you know there
are some crafts there are lots of classes out there but I really feel like
as an instructor I think you’re one of the better ones I’ve seen and that
explains the concepts and shows you how to do things because I think in your
DVDs you showed people how to do this like three different types of skirts I
think you did do the drawstring bag and I think there’s another project as well yeah but again they were very easy to do
and I really think you’re one of like obviously you have a gift for teaching
people that just comes naturally and do you have formal training and sewing are
you just all self-taught pretty much mostly self-taught I did take sewing in
high school um yeah that was that was it for my official formal training
it was mostly self-taught of course sewing by Nancy I was sewing with Nancy
I watched all the time growing up um and you know my mom teaching me things from
from time to time my grandma yeah in high school and that was it if I had
known that there was such a thing as fashion school when I was in high school
I absolutely would have gone to I didn’t know you know and that’s that goes back
to flaws in our education system I think you know it with and with our generation
people are told are you going to study science arts or are you gonna be a
lawyer are you gonna be you know that teacher like they’re kind of like told
like these are the five things you can choose from it’s interesting to see like
a lot of even professionally there’s a resurgence in things like crafting and
making things so I mean I definitely think there’s a you know a lot of these
perception may be lucrative but they may not
fulfill that creative outlet or need you have so I think that’s why a lot of
people like that’s why I really enjoyed sewing so much and that’s why you enjoy
sewing it’s just because you get so much more out of it and so much satisfaction
yeah there’s an emotional fulfillment of course you know you’re getting to do
things and making clothes and whatever having fun but there’s an emotional
component very cool and you have a daughter right
and does she and you I’ve seen you poster a few videos of her trying to use
your sewing machine is she do you think she has a future with sewing yeah well I
mean she loves crown she loves sewing I started when she was 18 months old
because I have a sewing machine with a push button and like I’m always sewing
she can easily press the foot pedal and she really likes it you know it’s time
that we spend together and she can see things come together making little
projects for her dolls or her for her friends I’m actually working on some
stuff for her classmates oh and does your husband sew it all does he good all
right you guys – he really enjoys it um so actually we had plans of doing
like a family sewing day at Christmastime we were gonna also our own
pair of Christmas pajamas because normally I sew pajama pants for him at
Christmas but we just we were too lazy at Christmas we’re doing a lot of
relaxing so we still have all of the pajama like all the Christmas fabric and
my daughter still reminds me once every few weeks maybe maybe you could just
recycle the Christmas pants from the year before and then give myself a break
this year you’re yeah I still have Christmas fabric from two years ago that
I yeah that’s something with those seasonal fabrics is that like there’s a
certain window of time you have to like make the project and then you’re like oh
it’s gonna have to be for next year do you um where do you like to shop for
fabric oh well so I say that reluctantly we have our version of Joanne’s
in Canada is called fabric Wow and that’s where I shot the most because
it’s the most convenient it’s close to me I’m in the suburbs you know but my
fellow Canadians will know that there’s there’s a love/hate thing happening with
housing there and Jennifer if you ever came up here and visited a family you
would die but um they are like they’re super archaic I shouldn’t bash them you
know what that is where I go so I shouldn’t bash them but they just they
write everything by hand when they when you buy something they may not have the
most up-to-date technology for the for the stores okay I gotcha I mean it is
called fabric land you know you know what they’ve got there right I do shop
there I love their sales I love a convenience to me the one near
me is like everybody who works there was really nice um in Vancouver on the west
coast I love fabric Anna it’s like oh like this amazing like 30,000 square
foot space filled with gorgeous fabrics of course in New York in the garment
district there are like pretty much every single store you walk into is
incredible for fabric shopping and then in Toronto on Queen Street West which is
our fashion district I love Leos textiles and also tax processors do you
shop online for fabric at all or do you mostly do you mostly do like in like
store like store shopping I knew you’re gonna ask me and I wish I shopped online
I can’t do it yet I should ask you for tips do you shop
Oh mode mostly on Denise I’m lazy and I don’t like leaving my house so I am not
touching you know I do I do but at the same time I’m the so here’s my thing um
when I would shop for clothes here was my system so I would go to the store
like once and try things on just so I knew what size I was in that store and
then after that I would buy everything from the store’s website but just after
figuring out like I’m like hey in this store I’m like a six short hand so I
would go to like Ann Taylor Loft or something you know but and that’s the
thing like I don’t like I used to love going to the mall as a kid and as a teen
and then as I got older I’m just like yeah I’m pretty much over that um so I’m
super I’m just lazy like that so I would just do that where I would go figure out
what my size was and then from then on I would just buy everything online so
that’s sort of my system I think with fabrics once I know the substrate of it
I feel pretty comfortable with shopping online and when I was when I usually
shop online I was more looking for specific prints you know like I’m
looking for cotton and steel you know this print right or once you kind of
know what it’s like I’ve taken a chance on some fabrics like there’s a couple
discount websites like fabric wholesale direct and fashion fabric club and then
I do fabric comm a lot these fabrics you are sort of taking a chance on but
sometimes the price you’re like well it’s a good price so even if I don’t
really like the fabric you know it’ll it’ll be okay I’ve had
very you do returns right the I have actually returned fabric from Joanne’s
so I got some fabric from Joanne’s and they had footprints like footprints
on them like so like somebody had stepped on the fabric um so I I actually
was able to do a return I think they send you like a UPS bag or something and
you just have to send the fabric back um they would I’ve had some really good
cost like some of the smaller websites like the homegrown ones their customer
service is excellent um I had one I forgot what company it was it might have
been like Hawthorne’s threads or something so I ordered some fabric and
they sent me the wrong fabric so I reached out and I was like hey this
actually wasn’t what I ordered I think they realized the cost of shipping back
the other fabric would like really negate so like just keep the mistake
fabric and we’ll send you the new fabric I’m some of them like four especially
with the smaller companies they really want to take care of the customers and
also like it would cost more to send the fabric back and for them to deal with it
they like eat the cost um and I’ve noticed a few fabric companies also
they’ll send you extra fabric or if it’s like the end of the bowl like you might
order two yards and you end up getting three right so that good experiences
with in fabric online I know some people
don’t like it and I think it’s it’s something you know some people like
certain things and other people like doing it another way but I’ve had
overall pretty good experiences buying fabric online because obviously you’re
saving time and like yeah that’s really really awesome but really the key factor
is my laziness so I’m you know I don’t know so I’m just one of those people I
if I can like I’ll even order like random household things online like cat
litter or like paper towels and do like this subscription thing like hey because
I would always like run like instead of running out like I think I was in the
I’m in targets like subscribe and save although now I don’t do that cuz we just
moved into an apartment right on so now like I would have to go to the office
and pick up like a 20 pound box of cat litter so I have actually started by
nepo when we were at a house I would do a lot of subscription purchases per
household items just because it was it was easier can you ever like pause you
can pause it yeah like on target and Amazon you can skip it to like if you’re
not sure how often you need an item you can skip a delivery you know cuz with
the cat litter for a while I was like wow like I had like I started comply kit
really started stockpiling up at the house I would have like you know hive
things of cat litter I started skipping the deliveries or so you can switch them
like you can do every month every two months every three months so you can
really customize your experience with it I’m a I’m a very loyal Amazon shopper so
I’ve learned to navigate the ins and outs of Amazon and Walmart when when
they were first trying to compete with Amazon they would offer free two-day
shipping on any order over $35 I started ordering like really random like I would
order like face astringent from there anything where I just was too lazy to go
to the store but I noticed Walmart has kind of changed things the prices for
online items are different than the physical stores wait less it’s more lore
yeah so they’re offering you the free shipping
like I was looking at some but it didn’t like it fer and I’ve noticed several
companies doing that so at first they have it so that’s a better deal to order
it online but now they’re almost like trying to encourage you to shop at the
store now so some items from Walmart I was noticing this uh the other day cuz I
was gonna order some stuff from Walmart but the prices were less if you picked
it up at the store and more if you were ordering online I guess to kind of cover
the shipping costs or something I felt like that was a little chintzy
but I was like alright I get I get at Walmart you know I’m I get I get where
you’re coming from you know cuz one that when I would buy stuff from Amazon it
was free shipping plus they have to ship it pay for the packing supplies though
like things would come in a big box or whatever but the targets subscribe and
save I actually had got some pretty good deals on that and there was free
shipping so if it’s free shipping and the item is the same price or less than
at the store ll buy it online I’m a yeah so I like I like online shopping a lot so yeah and the fabric and fabric comm
is owned by Amazon so you can and I’ve noticed they’ve moved more of their
inventory to Amazon because for awhile fabric comm didn’t do that but now I’ve
noticed they’ve started doing it but I’ve also noticed that the price they
charge in Amazon is more than fabric comm but you get the free ship like they
have like lower thresholds for sometimes there’s free shipping on fabric calm but
fabric like with no order minimum but on fabric calm I think you have to order
$45 to get free shipping so exci where these online businesses are trying to
make it worth or a while and also you know again if there’s no order minimum
you kind of have to raise the price you know but if there is an order minimum
that you know people have to buy more so they’re like okay but I’ve been noticing
these little things I’m like that’s interesting to see where this is all
going you know I’m sure it at some point Amazon will just start anticipating like
even now I saw a video where Gary Vaynerchuk ordered something online and
he’s just like AM Alexa order me some toothpaste or something and literally it
just you know link to your Amazon account literally
he’s like I just ordered toothpaste in 11 seconds or something I mean it’s kind
of creepy in a way we don’t have one of those devices because I we don’t really
like where that’s going right but it’s creepy like it’s weird to realize all I
have to do is say you know Google home or Amazon Alexa order me socks or
something and they’ll just show up to the future oh I’ve seen I’ve seen all
the movies remember when he went to the future and then they walked in the home
and they were like lights on and the lights are gone I remember as a kid
watching that being like oh they said lights on and the lights turn on but
like yeah although the thing I wonder is who is lit like you know as we’ve kind
of seen they’ve had some issues with listening to your conversations I also
have yeah and I’ve also had a fry had a friend who guys some friends got one of
those they got an Alexa what like an Amazon echo or whatever and they were
talking about baby stuff they don’t even have any kids and then on Facebook like
three seconds later they start seeing baby ads so clearly it’s just a way to
help companies market better to people it is a little is a little strange
though you know to see it’s very it’s very if we’re living in a weird world
aren’t we it’s weird and amazing I don’t know well I do so let’s talk about where
people can find you online you have a website you have a YouTube channel and I
think your YouTube channel is one of the most underrated sewing You Tube channels
on the Internet I’m so humbled and embarrassed because I’m really bad I
used to try to be good at putting content on there and I’ve been so bad
lately I had to tell you actually when um some of the sewing tutorials that I
would do that was filmed by myself it was when my daughter was first born and
she I don’t know if anybody’s a new mom they’ll know that your baby like knows
when you are wake and like your babies will not sleep
and will not let you shower will not let you film videos like you’re being so
there’s a whole chunk of videos that I used to suck that I used to film between
like 2:30 and 4:00 in the morning but like one hour and a half when she was
dead asleep if you look at my closet like later on you’ll see like in the
back it’s like pitch black outside like an open an interesting title for the
series like sewing at 4 a.m. or something and I think that’s you know
again I don’t have any kids but it does look like it’s very challenging to
balance the sewing with you know taking care of a baby or taking care of a kid
like they have needs and I you know one of my friends was like I’d like to start
quilting but I think my kids gonna get into the iron or something you know yeah
yeah pretty much if you leave anything out the cat like so my mom sent me years
ago you you are you familiar with beer Bradley like the bag company so she sent
me a like a case for my iPad it was like a little quilted case I put it on the
coffee table and the kid I came back and the cat was using it as a cat that like
so anything that’s like they like texture you know they like any she’s and
she she was squeezing herself so that her body fit perfectly into the like
perimeter of the case I mean it was it was patty you know it looked her it
looked like a cat head they like it they like anything that is not for them right
or that has like a like I don’t know they just like different feels I guess
like you know sometimes she likes late on hard floors
sometimes she’ll clean on a blanket but yeah if you leave fabric out they will
get on it and start leaning on it quilts whatever you whatever you’ve got
I’m sure kids do that to some degree too but cats are pretty weird
ya know kids don’t lay on the kids just know kids consent there when you’re
awake or when you’re showering now so you and I kind of keep it real I
notice there are a lot of sometimes I look at these sewing blogs or like home
blogs or like DIY blogs and sometimes I kind of feel like I’m like how are these
people keeping it all together like like every day they’ve got a new photo of
them like in a sty a perfectly stylized home you know with like you know kids
all in matching outfits I’m like how are you how are you still saying like I know
photos but I was like you’re tossing all other 200 photos I know that for me if
I’m taking a picture my dog there’ll be at least like 20 30 shots like we’re
doing whatever and then there’s like one guy like they’ll be like 5,000 pictures
and you’ve got like one good one or something I feel like I feel like I want
to go in the other direction and do the opposite just because I feel like I as a
viewer I appreciate I appreciate people keeping it real that’s why I think I
like jenna Marbles because she’s like yeah screw it I’m just what like in it
so this lady has 17 million subscribers she doesn’t have like high production
value which I really appreciate so she tapes everything like at her kitchen
table her house is very messy and I again to some degree I’m like you maybe
you can clean up everyone so but at the same time I’m like you know what I feel
better about life know someone who probably makes a lot of money a year
from YouTube lives in a messy house and doesn’t care you know when you go over
their house and it’s late their definition of messy is like much
different than your definition of it you’re like how like it’s you know and
sometimes do you favor one derp if they’re just saying that like they
really clean house for six hours oh I can’t excuse the mess like oh yeah I’ve
just been working all day you know I don’t know I didn’t have time to clean I
don’t know I feel like there’s to some degree I feel like we could use a little
more not authenticity but a little more relatability in this
I don’t know I’d like to see more people just kind of you know not worrying as
much about perfection and more just worrying about having fun and a lower
level of stress you know like I just I don’t know that’s why I kind of like
again I could have cleaned this I was like yeah you know people you know
people you’re honest crafter you’re honest I was telling the honest craft
room for a while you know you know like there’s random stuff all over the place
or whatever you know and I’m not like so we we’ve bought and sold a few houses
and we have we’ve been mayor my husband I have been married for nine years we
have know like really nice furniture and we don’t decorate our house like you
know we’ll do it for this Lake for the last test we did it for the staging but
on an everyday basis it kind of our lifestyle is very like college dorm room
ish I’m serious like right now the sheets on my bed don’t even like match
no so it’s one of those things where it’s like it doesn’t met that sort of
thing doesn’t matter to me I don’t like paying I don’t hang framed pictures on
the wall like I like sewing obvious I like making stuff but in my everyday
life I I don’t I you know and I appreciate interior design that I like
it yeah but on a personal level I just don’t do it I don’t know maybe that
makes me a slob I have no idea but we pretty much just make our house look
nice fourth step for selling it and other than that it does not it does not
look that good enjoyment or do not even care like you’re not you’re like I don’t
even need a picture on that wall um no I don’t know we just don’t really have any
photos you know so we don’t really do that and I think when I own the house
I’m like I don’t want to put any nail holes in it because I’m just gonna sell
the house so I don’t really have a personal attachment to houses I don’t
know I know you’re like wow this girl’s crazy
huh you know it’s just not something that that we that we put a lot of time
and effort or like we also don’t buy like I don’t buy a lot of home decor
stuff right I don’t know it’s just one of those
things were like I think because of the cat like she gets cat hair all over
everything so I’m like oh whatever I don’t know but I have I what
don’t home decor oh yes I have sewed it um but then when I make it I don’t have
anything I don’t have any purpose so usually I just do it as gifts you know
but like I makes nice stuff for other people but like I don’t know it’s just
like I don’t have like a homemade quilt on my bed or anything like that but
maybe some maybe someday but I think in our minds this like we’re probably 10
years away from our forever house right go in my mind I just I’m like you know I
don’t want anything nice yet and I’m too cheap to like spend the money on nice
furniture it could be something like I’m not really sure why I’m like that but at
least I have found a partner that is also like that
so it’s none of those things you know I don’t know so their own things that they
want to spend their time and money on right exactly exactly what do you like
to spend your time and money on like what are you like jiminy I mean some
people like candles some people like you know collecting I know teapots like
could be do you like to travel a lot yeah yeah I do I like to travel a lot
and and do things I think that’s kind of my biggest thing and actually I am
trying to make a ship because I would always buy a lot of objects but then I
find like around my house I just don’t want that anymore like it’s collecting
dust or it’s something that I’m never gonna use or you know even like a photo
album like well I’m gonna put picture like I never end up doing it and it just
ends up sitting around you’re like yeah around I spent money on that album
another project that I haven’t yet started so I think I’m done with things
and objects and like I just want to go on vacation
or go on date night or you know what I mean like here create like experiences
for your family or something that no I that make
a lot of sentence projects that’s my money on it you buy all these things
you’re like I’m gonna use it for this and then you never end up doing anything
with it and then like we just got rid of like half of our stuff and a lot of
stuff we bought like was like I had a purpose for this initially but it’s
still in the box and now I’m basically getting rid of it say I love your 2018
challenge of like not buying any fabric and I totally love that way of living I
think that’s so important because again as sewers we love fabric we love the
prints you know the colors we love the touch of everything so we’re like oh
yeah this will be good this will be good this will be good and next thing you
know we’ve got a wall or a room or a drawer or like an entire area half a
house depending on how much of a horror you are filled with fabric that you
haven’t used or maybe one day we’ll never use right so instead like I’m just
trying to purge a lot of stuff and then what I would like to do is only buy
whatever I’m going to use right then like I’m gonna go over on a Saturday I’m
gonna make myself a dress what fabric is here exactly and that’s why I was like I
have so much fabric and I have like probably like a couple years supply so
much but it’s so tempting because these companies know how to get to you they’re
always coming out with new fabric that looks exciting like I was even looking
at cloud nines website and they’ve got like some glamour fabric and I was like
man I wish I hadn’t banned myself it’s only February I’ve decided if I get fabric for free or
as a gift I need to get rid of the equivalent amount of fabric so I’ve
decided what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna de stash it really cheap on my D stash
Instagram account so if I have to get rid of stuff I do I think it’s like
sewing reports shop or shop sewing report I do want to ask you what how do
you feel like social media could help the sewing industry I think one of the
biggest hurdles for people that I’ve talked to who don’t sew is buying a
sewing machine um you know like I feel like a lot of
people don’t want to go to a dealership or you know they want to be able to do
everything online but then when you talk to people in there like hey well you
really need to go to a local dealership I feel like a lot of young people just
won’t do that how do you like what do you think would be like a game-changer
for sewing machines like a new like kind of like an uber for sewing machines so
what do you mean like like a new type of sewing machine or like like a new way of
buying and servicing sewing machines like cuz I was thinking like if so make
you come up with something like that right like a way to make it a lot easier
for people to get a sewing machine you know what I think it is I think the
biggest hurdle for a beginner or for somebody buying a machine is that they
feel like if I buy a machine I won’t know what to do with it
so I think for to get product out to people you have to provide information
and education along with the Machine and maybe fewer options you know right now
so many different machines out there you know every company has all these
different makes and models and the person’s like but I just need to have my
daughter’s pants or I just need to make Halloween costumes once a year so it’s
hard because I know in like the land of consumerism like there’s always like
what’s the new model what are you competing with this year like what 12
new things have you come up with this month but I really think if we’re if
we’re trying to think of like a new way of reaching customers in a modern way
and getting them sewing it would be basic machines or like three levels like
ABC and then here’s your information like here’s all your fabric here’s all
your videos here’s all your whatever like a big giant bundle kit right
because then I think people you know we’re living in a digital age we’re at
home we’re not going to the grocery store to buy toilet paper or whatever um
you know why would you want to go to a dealer where you know you’re talking to
a salesperson and then you know is he gonna upsell me
do I really need 75,000 different stitches doing embroidery attachment
like I’m not interested in doing embroidery or whatever it is and then
you’re like well how do I buy fabric then I have to go to this store at the
other end of town or maybe you live in a small town where they don’t even have a
fabric store how am I going to buy fabric online so I think that would be
really big if people if somebody would call on ya and kind of bundle that’s a
really good point too and I love every bundle I know and you know what that’s
the other thing I think you’re right simplicity would almost be better and I
think a lot of people who are and also when you’re beginner you don’t know what
your needs are you don’t know what kind of like you don’t know what you’re gonna
end up sewing sort of like you might buy a machine and you realize a couple years
later this is not really fitting my needs so it’s like the chicken and the
egg like it’s hard to know what your needs are so to buy a sewing machine but
if you don’t actually so you’re not gonna like you need a sewing machine to
know and I think that’s I’ve heard people say that’s why knitting and
crocheting or more popular is because there’s less of a barrier to entry like
you only need like knitting needles or a crochet hook and it’s a little bit more
portable I’ve heard the complaint from people who live in cities that they just
don’t have space for it right do you feel like places like sewing lounges
could help do like fill that gap like in urban areas you know when I had when we
had our sewing school I would always tell the value of learning from an
instructor and learning in a class environment and if that were if that
were the case and everybody could do that I would absolutely push that
because you your instructor knows so much and to be able to be hands-on with
you and actually show you no wait you have to move this over here oh no wait
this is upside down when you’re at home learning from a video or in learning
from a book you don’t know that you’re doing this backwards
um you know and then when you’re in a classroom with lots of other people
somebody’s asking a question that you never would have asked and you’re gonna
learn from that or the teacher will like go off on a tangent and you’ll learn
from that so I for sure think in a perfect world a classroom setting is the
best learning from somebody who’s been doing
it for ages is great it’s just not who we are these days you know somebody’s
got four kids somebody does shift work somebody lives in a small town like
somebody has four jobs like we don’t have time to go to a class once a week
and then like we were just saying go to this store to buy fabric store to have
your machine service you know it’s just you know what I almost kind of wonder if
live sewing classes might be good you know like some some place where you can
interact with the instruction real time it may be people to ask questions cuz
like we were we’ve talked about this before we you’re right with the online
classes there’s no back and forth right yeah and it’s hard it’s real sometimes
it’s hard like some of the classes I I have from craftsy some of them are
better than others I feel like but you know like if like or from a tutorial
like I might have a really specific question and I think having more of a
real time interaction might be helpful to people too I’m having something live
or something like if you’re maybe like maybe there was some way to like Skype
with your teacher so they can see what you’re doing too so they can watch you
sew and see if you’re like cuz for the first few months of my quilting life I
was not using a quarter inch seam at all and I didn’t realize my blocks were off
mathematically until I went to a class and like I was like wait this is
different so I sold and the reason I found it was that I had sewn some blocks
in the class and then when I got home and was sewing them on my sewing machine
I realized that that was not they were not they were not the same so I think
you’re right there is value in having a real life instructor versus just a video
or something again I think some videos are about are really great and some
YouTube videos are awesome but I do think like long-term for your sewing
education it is good to have some sort of physical class or some sort of
interaction with the real people – yeah but I do like the idea we need to but we
need to find some way to bundle up all this stuff and and do that cuz I I think
you’re right like if it came with everything you needed and you didn’t
have to buy extra stuff that make it simpler for people and I think
another thing I’ve noticed when I’ve talked to people who don’t so they have
no perception of real prices so I like they would think they like I’ve talked
to people honestly who think $100 sewing machine
is really expensive yes let’s talk about that this is one of my pet peeves that
people want to spend $100 on a sewing machine and I can understand you know
what I respect everybody’s budget I respect everybody’s scenario and you can
buy $100 sewing machine it has to be used but I just think I always tell
people that a sewing machine is like an appliance
you really should spend the most you can afford because it’s going to last you
forever like they’ll all do the same job they’re also two pieces of fabric
together but how long will the Machine last how many additional features will
it have how often will you need to service it how much trouble will it give
you you know can you sew chiffon and denim and fleece and this you know and
yeah so I always I I try not to discourage people because I want
everyone to be sewing and I do understand that there are limitations
and like sometimes they I just want to spend a hundred dollars on a sewing
machine I totally get that but if that’s the case I would say try to buy use or
ask your aunt or ask your your co-workers mother if he has one she has
in her basement because I think for a good quality sewing machine you do have
to invest in it and actually the the prices in the States and in Canada are
much different you have to spend a lot more in Canada but but yeah it’s just so
important to have a good quality machine and that machine will grow with you will
last you decades and decades and decades and then you’ll have success with your
project instead of being like why is my machine jamming all the time why is this
happening in like the majority of the people I know who have bought sewing
machines but like don’t really know what they’re doing they all have the same
story they bought it from Costco when they were there or they just ordered it
from like overstock or Amazon but they didn’t really like
thing when you when you just start you don’t really know what you’re buying you
know what and this goes back to providing information and education not
overwhelming people you know to give them like I definitely think people need
that hand-holding and I think you and I need to create I really where we we sell
an all-in-one like it comes with everything you need some lessons or
something I know we we’re marking here we are we are definitely the first to
this idea I mean you know and my husband had another thought I think one of the
things that I think would dispel young people from sewing is the whole idea
that you have to keep bringing the sewing machine back for servicing like
again I’m super lazy I probably should have taken my machine in this year I
didn’t so it’s one of those things where I do wish that and my husband was like
I’m sure there’s a way that you could create a sewing machine that doesn’t
really need maintenance like we had a brother machine for several years it
wasn’t it was like a $400 machine and we never needed to take it in do you think
they’re suck like well I appreciate dealers and people who work on sewing
machines I do think in order to really encourage people to sew and start doing
this more there needs to be an easier way for you to get and own a sewing
machine versus having to constantly go to this place to get it serviced um you
know I know I know that I’m opening up a can of worms and there’s a lot of
controversy over this issue but if you want to get younger people to so you
have to make it easy as possible and doing that stuff is not is not easy
people like especially when you’re competing with businesses who make it so
easy for consumers that they don’t have to leave the house if you want sewing to
be a big thing the sewing industry makes needs to make it so that you don’t need
to leave your house right and maybe what they do need is an amazing 100 dollar
machine like a really great machine that that does not cost a lot of money and
that’s the thing like I maybe it could almost be like a loss leader like
something where like kind of like with phones you know start the phone
really inexpensive but they’re you know they make up for it with right now with
with you paying for service maybe there could be something like I was even
thinking maybe there could be something where it’s like a monthly membership but
included in the membership is you get a free sewing machine you know or
something like that like you get classes or you get fabric or something or Pat
and patterns it supplies and if you pay if you commit to a year you know they
send you a sewing machine a decent and that’s the thing like though some of the
hundred dollar machines are not great some of them are decent good one yeah if
you really want to get people to sew yeah and they have to think of it more a
long term they need to create lifelong customers you are exactly right you can
provide people with an amazing good quality reliable heavy-duty sewing
machine that cost $100 it doesn’t break down that person is now whatever brand
sewing machine you are that person is now your loyal customer because people
buy the exact same machine over and over again they know that rent and if you’re
starting with a younger generation and they’re not spending as much then you
have that customer for like 50 years exactly and I played and now I might
upgrade to your more expensive machine once they get more interested exactly so
so if you start off with the $100 machine and I think that’s something
smart that ever that Bernina did when they started the ever sewn line is they
they made a lot like side I’ve used the ever sewn I think it’s a great machine
especially for the prices so I’ve been using that I they actually sent me one
to try out it’s a it’s a really good little machine it’s designed by the
people who make Bernina but they realized they needed to come down in
price to appeal to people because of the Bri machines are pretty expensive some
of them in a twenty year old does not have the money for a three thousand
dollar sewing machine and the 20 year old is the person yeah yeah if they’re
buying they’re they’re spending more over their lifetime their lifetimes
longer exactly so even though they’re buy and they may buy that 100 dollar
machine at first ten years from now they might buy your thousand dollar machine
and then ten years from then by your $5,000 machine I think the key
to the sewing machine companies is they need to start thinking about creating
light those lifelong customers but they’re not gonna do it by and they’re
not gonna do it by selling 5000 dollar machines like because we know the
customer that’s buying 5000 dollar machines it’s not it’s not an
eighteen-year-old girl or you know a 25 in a 25 year old the people that I know
and the people I know that about sewing machines they’re not like broke college
students they’re people that are professionals they make decent money but
they still in their mind think $100 is expensive for a machine they just have
such a different perception of price right but if we could provide them with
a good quality machine at least we have them in exactly the thing we just need
to get them in the door you know we need to work on this Denise do you want to
start a sewing machine company with me we can be the uber of the sewing machine
industry I’m telling well think about it look at
what uber did to cab companies me what I hear that’s another conversation – I am
so like I get really frustrated when any company car manufacturer or a cab
company you know in any industry is being left behind and then instead of
catching up yeah plain look for you know government bailouts what that drives me
crazy that drives me crazy like times are changing everybody’s gotta keep up
exactly um I think I I think we’ve got some idea and wow this has been a great
conversation we came up with a business idea we’re I know I wish we lived closer
we could craft together weird-ass lumber sewing slumber parties always I think
and maybe that could be a new thing to weaken it um and I talked to some lumber
parties that could be things you sleep over at somebody adult slumber parties
for you so things and hang out and I just talked to some ladies the other day
um the ladies they could they wrote a book called this thing called handmade
getaway and they’re trying to encourage people to do so like to have like social
sowing getaways it was cool and I think that’s one thing
sewing can be such a social thing something you do with friends and I
think that’s another way we could maybe try to encourage more people to do it is
by having instead of you getting together with your friends and watching
TV why not get together and sew something and you teach your friends out
of so yes I talked about with a lot of my friends about that and people always
say oh let’s do this and I say I should actually actually do it because that’s
you’re right it’s such a good idea and then they get looped they get sucked
into the rabbit hole like us my husband’s like there has to be a way to
make a sewing machine that’s decent enough that’ll last first and this thing
it doesn’t need to last forever but if it lasts five years you know cool you
know and that’s thing like he’s like there’s got to be a way to make a sewing
machine that doesn’t really need maintenance you know so we if we could
create a may a cheap maintenance-free sewing machine I think I think we’re
there and now that could be the advertising better the benefit is that
you don’t need to take this one in for servicing or like it’s simple enough
that if something does go wrong you can like kind of fix it yourself or replace
a part you know kind of like some of the older sewing machines that exist where
you could work on them more easily I think we got some ideas here we
definitely have some ideas here No so earlier you mentioned that when you go
to hotel sometimes you’ve got all your craft supplies in there do you scale
them do you sew in your hotel rooms a lot yeah I’ve done it hot glue cut
fabric so anything you need to do for a segment or for a home show I think that
could be an interesting vlog series for your channel is DIY like something like
what I’m doing right now in my hotel RIA hotel acts or something and then you’re
making stuff you’re using stuff in the hotel room for crafting yeah like the
plastic cups like you know the whatever like the soaps or something that
actually would be a cool series you could show people how they can
craft it could be good for busy travelers you know or if you’re like
visit if you go out of town to visit a friend and you forgot to bring a gift
you’re like what can you make in your hotel you so need to do that I think
that would be a lot of fun yeah a hotel you call Hotel hacks with the DNI’s and
show people how to get creative with your hotel room well the people watching
this are probably like this is like the strangest you know going chat ever but
yeah well anyways Denise this has been wonderful talking to you and I really
appreciate you being here I’m gonna link what where can people find you online
your social media handles and then I’m social at me Denise Wilde de and is II
WI LD wonderful in yes follow Denise her YouTube channel has some really great
technique videos you’ve got tutorials you also post a lot of your TV
appearances there so people can see what kind of stuff you’re making I do think
you need to do an update on the the rocking chair that could be a future
video you know what you and and that’s thing
you could do your hotel hacks and that your business trips could kind of double
as that to very I think that could be a lot of fun yeah things you can make in
your hotel room I think people would I think people would dig it I would watch
it and I don’t even really stay in hotels before we have before we go I
have questions for you okay yes but I thought it might be nice to get into in
this conversation is that okay yes certainly okay so I am I my entire life
I’ve never really had anything I was really good at I’m not athletic you know
I don’t have any like special talents that’s why working T that’s why I worked
in TV news is because I didn’t have anything specific that I was really
great at so I was I just moved to Atlanta for the job at CNN and I was
talking to my husband I was like you know I would really like to do
something is we were living apart for a year too so I had more free time that
like I was kind of alone so he somehow we got under the topic of me doing
sewing I’ve done a little bit of sewing as a kid basically my background was
sewing is I did take my school actually did have a really good home act program
and we did but the sewing machines we used were very finicky and I think when
you’re a kid and you have like you were saying I had kind of a bad experience
with the sewing machine it really puts you off to doing it and you don’t feel
very comfortable with it so I made like I was better with the hand sewing like
we made like stuffed animals and stuff but when it came to the sewing machine I
just had trouble with it and I think that’s one thing I would like to tell
people who don’t sew who might be watching is that the sewing machines out
now are bet like they’re easier to use so I think that’s one thing that
surprised me about getting back into sewing was that the newer machines the
modern ones you know I didn’t like the problems I had on the other side
machines I don’t have with these so I started I bought a vintage silk excuse
me I bought a vintage sewing machine from a guy on ebay and I went to pick it
up eBay yes could it I was like it was like two
hundred and fifty dollars for a vintage but if what he does like so I went to
this guy’s house to pick it up he was like a nurse who refurbished his sewing
machines it’s kind of a scary situation because is you know with eBay and
Craigslist pickups they can get a little scary I didn’t get murdered so that was
good to go into his basement yeah and I was kind of scared like I was kind of
like is this a good idea um but you know I was I was okay so he bought and
refurbished a bunch of sewing machines and resold them on eBay
but I think the thing with the vintage machine the sewing machine is wonderful
and it’s great quality it will last forever but for me as a beginner it
probably wasn’t the right machine to buy right off the bat because I was afraid
of using it because it was an antique I was like this is like a collector’s item
right sadden like the bubble wrap for like six months I didn’t do anything
with it but I watched it and that’s the thing like I watched so many you
two videos about it but I didn’t actually do it like and that’s how we
are with a lot of things like I watched a lot of cookie decorating videos
haven’t ever decorated a cookie so I was one of those people I was very curious
about it and I was exorbitant information but it really took a while
for me to really just start doing it so my husband ended up finally getting down
to Atlanta he figured out the sewing machine and showed me how to use it so
we for a while we both sewed he kind of went off it and started doing other
things but he made a quilt and he made a pair of jeans he made me a purchase yeah
he made his own jeans but the fabric he picked was like not the best fabric um
he didn’t pre wash it so some of the seams came apart but he did actually
make his own jeans and he would wear them so he did a pretty good job with
that um so I started getting into it and then I started sewing and I really
enjoyed it so I’ve been doing it ever since and I the reason I wanted to start
the channel and do this was because I wasn’t seeing a lot of people with my
background sewing online like you know I’m not a mom I you know I was a
professional at the time and you know I just didn’t see a lot of people I can
relate to that we’re also doing it you know a lot it is you’ve seen a lot of
the bloggers in our space tend to be stay-at-home mothers you know and again
I love Mother’s I think being a mom honestly is one of the hardest things
you can one of the most challenging things you can do and I have so much
respect for them but I just couldn’t relate to that crowd you know I don’t I
make clothes occasionally as gifts baby clothes but you know I don’t make kids
stuff every day so a lot of the projects are definitely more a lot of the
projects in just the language that they’re talking to you it’s just meant
for other moms um so I wanted there to be more voices out there that have a
different just a different background or a different lifestyle so yeah but doing
that ever since and I quit my job a couple months ago to to do this and it’s
been it’s been a fun ride so I love making things and I just like learning I
have no formal background either I just like learning things on my own and doing
them it’s so much fun and I’ve been trying to introduce it to more people
and I’m just always thinking about ways that I can try to help spread the
message I think that’s so important for us it’s just sparked the message the
sowing is fun and approachable and I think I do feel like some of the some of
the I feel like some of the folks in the sewing industry really had that same
mission like that’s why I started working with the Everstone people was
because the the fillable Chi the guy who who is behind the brand he is very
committed to reaching young people and I want to reach I really want to reach
younger people and people who don’t currently so alive and I and that’s the
other thing is I think a lot of the bloggers and vloggers I’ve seen are more
marketed to people who already so but there’s not a ton out there for people
who who are just totally starting new for rush so yeah that’s how I started
getting into sewing I love it and I and I’m probably one of the least
likely people to start sewing I’m not is I and I’m not I’m not that crafty like I
like crafts but I’m not that good at them I’m not really an artist and I
don’t like that’s not like like my thing is to make stylize tablescapes like
that’s really not but I really felt like I could bring something to the song
world that was me a voice that might be more approachable I don’t know who knows oh yeah and I’m kind of an all weird
person so I feel like it allows me to express some of the the weirdness like
right now you know oh yeah sure what tip or advice would
you give to a newbie who wants to learn how to sew
oh um definitely like you were saying earlier don’t pick projects that are
beyond your skill level sewing builds on so many techniques and layers that you
really need to learn each technique and that takes you you’re sewing to the next
level but I think the thing I see with people is that they try to pick projects
that are really beyond their scope of knowledge at that point and it can be
very frustrating and like you were saying if your project
doesn’t turn out well you’re not gonna want to keep doing it I’m also like I
think there are I think there’s a level of sewing machines like I think there’s
a good happy balance I don’t think you should pick the super cheap machines but
I also don’t like I don’t know from doing it I don’t think most people need
a ten thousand dollar sewing machine I think III honestly think a thousand
dollar sewing machine is can do a lot for you you know especially if you’re
not if you are if you’re only making garments again a lot of the more
expensive machines are for quilters so I think that’s the other thing is that you
don’t need a suit you don’t necessarily need a super expensive machine you just
need one that’s decent enough that can grow with you a little bit and I’ve seen
some really good sewing machines that are under $300 so I think in my mind I
think a good price for a beginner would be between 150 and 300 dollars u.s. for
beef only and it scales up a bit like in Canada I would tell somebody like 600
but I agree with you entirely about that price point and like like you said you
know when you invest in a good machine it’s gonna last you like I always say
decades just to be safe but really it’ll last you a lifetime
but I’m just trying to cover my butt and I think forever especially for us in
like America and in North America you know for us we we almost expect
something to last a few years so I think that’s another thing that sewing
machines could do to consumers is you know like have make a machine that lasts
seven to ten years and that would be totally cool with people you know that
you could just get in because we are in this age of people just by constantly
buying new stuff that’s a good point so if it is a hundred dollar machine it
doesn’t necessarily have to last that’s a lifetime but if it like oh so we in we
that’s how we like um but we were looking at blenders a few years back and
you know there there’s some very nice Vitamix blenders and Blendtec we should
go with like a ninja and we’re like yeah we have a ninja and we also bought a
generic version of the Vitamix which is actually really great okay our thinking
was even if this lasts us a few years we still spent way less than if I
MECs so I think that’s my way of thinking things is not necessarily
buying the cheapest thing that will break but buying something that’s
reasonably priced I’m pretty cheap overall and like shopping sales so if I
mean if I can get a good deal on the nicest thing I’ll buy the nicest thing
but you know sometimes not all of us have seven hundred dollars to spend on a
blender or or ten thousand dollars to spend on the latest sewing machine and
I’ve noticed with my sewing machines I don’t even use a lot of the features
that it comes with like I and I think the other thing I would tell people is
if you’re getting more into sewing I think in my opinion it’s better to have
unit tasker’s that do different things then try to get a combo so like if I
bought an embroidery machine I would actually prefer to have a separate
embroidery machine because I don’t like switching things out like I don’t I
don’t like switching out units or having to convert stuff I’m very lazy as I
mentioned I’m very lazy so like very I I know I’m making myself sound horrible
right now but um it’s far like it needs to be really like I keep my serger on
like the same settings you know I don’t like I recently just started playing
around with different needles and it’s not difficult but at the same time I
just don’t want to do it so I’d rather have a separate embroidery machine set
up so that you know I could do that I have another question for you all right
shoot so do you have a favorite sewing trick or like an insider tip or anything
like that or like a favorite stitch you like to do you know I would say um I my
trick would be Elmer’s washable school glue
I use it to baste all the time I learned it in a quilt binding class like
everything oh so I will yeah oh yeah anything that’s woven that’s mostly like
natural fibers will work it doesn’t really work on like polyester but it
works I am I was taking a quilt binding class and this lady showed us her name
is Deb caress ik and she in the class she gave us these little squirt bottles
with a fine tip I still have the same bottle and I just
keep refilling it with Elmer’s washable school glue it washes out the only time
like the what just the white glue yeah it has to be that glue because it’s just
starch basically okay so you can’t the only times I can’t use it usually or if
I’m pressing the seams open because obviously you know but if it’s something
where I’m just trying to base something together real quickly I’ll do that and
it works it works really well and it washes out and it saves you from using
pins what’s what’s your favorite trick or tip well I do have a good one for
corners for getting super sharp corners you might know this already but when
you’re sewing it’s you like instead of going like straight across and straight
down if you stop one stitch before your corner and then angle it okay so that
you do like a stitch or two at an angle before going down so that instead of
having like a perfect this you have like a I don’t know it goes like right right
right okay so that was like a bevel like almost like a bevel that’s sort of a
like okay like just one long stitch or two short ones when you turn your corner
out and poke it out it’s a perfect corner because that extra space allows
the fat obviously clip down your your extra extra fabric but there still is a
little bit of allowance in there right but that that little flattened edge
allows your fabric to lying flat so I love that and I’m gonna try that do that
you’ll your corners you’ll be like oh my god the other thing I always do is when
I’m sewing finishing sewing a button I always hide the thread in the fabric so
if it’s fabric layers I’ll bury the less red and make it exit like an inch or two
away from where my button is then when you trim down that excess thread it like
disappears so that you don’t that that entire thread end is hidden between the
two layers of your fabric so it’s not anywhere
I liked it and that’s good because if you’re making a shirt or something there
will always be a couple layers those are really good alright I might have to try
the corner tip I have trouble with corners all the time or you’ll have the
corner where instead of going like this it ends up like that like you know Oh
pointy like it’s just like it’s not like totally square and yeah it just kind of
ends up like I don’t know no need to do you need to taper your ends in okay so
instead of so when you’re doing like a pillow right to prevent the bunny ears
I’ll send you a video alright so see this is why you need to follow Denise on
YouTube because busy she has all this knowledge like pillows to prevent the
bunny ear so instead of taking your corner like this you you bring your
you’re like apex or whatever down like an inch and then gradually angle oh so
that you’re coming across straight but then for about like four
something inches you bevel down okay and then bevel back out before going
straight down so you end up right this is like a sewing lesson right here I
like this and that will prevent those the bunny ear corners oh my gosh and I
can’t even draw and you I see you’ve got a really nice sewing machine next to you
right there and your are used to working with brother I’m still doing a lot of
their dream machine depending on what country you’re buying machine but you’re
you’re a pros you’re a pro so that makes a lot I really don’t use all of the
amazing features that are on it I don’t know if you can see that oh I see what
you’re saying okay normally you would just like go out to the points but to
prevent the bunny ears come down an inch from that corner and then just have it
like gradually angle out to your side and then when you flip your pillow the
the corners will hug around your pillow form rather
than being yeah rather than do it yeah cuz that happens to me a lot when I’m
making something that is an inch all right and I’ll have to look for that
video on your channel you have so many great videos on there and I just think
more I wish more people knew about your channel there’s there’s so many good
there’s so many so much good information on there I think it’s great there’s a
good thing though if people are discovering your for your channel for
the first time they already have tons of content to watch that’s all
don’t don’t feel too stressed out about it you know get cut yourself up and I
think that’s something that I wish I think particularly this happens to women
we can’t really write I get really overloaded and we really I think we put
a lot of pressures on ourselves you know this goes back to what you were saying
about trying to make everything perfect like you know whether it’s Instagram or
YouTube or whatever like just feeling like well this needs to be my best self
this needs to do my best whatever rather than just like sharing information
sharing knowledge being yourself yeah it’s a really hard struggle like in the
day that we live in and and as women because we’re like uh-uh it needs to be
perfect I am capable I can do everything yeah we tend to overload ourselves with
with a lot of work and put a lot of these like self-imposed deadlines or
pressures on ourselves so I don’t know I don’t know well thank you again so much
for doing this I this is a wonderful chap maybe we could do this again
sometime can’t wait all right Denise thank you guys I’m so honored to be here
well I’m so glad to have you guys if you enjoyed this sewing chat let me know in
the comments and feel free to give it that thumbs up let me know if you like
to see more of these I’m trying to find some cool people to talk to Denise is
one of my favorite people in the sewing community so I am so honored to have her
here with us I will see you guys next time


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