Chinese silk and its ancient beauty (Hello China #77)

A kind of insect called a silkworm produces white, raw silk threads. Chinese people collect these raw threads,
create yarn and weave them. The silk fabrics are soft, smooth and light. It is the best material used in making dresses. A sī chóu dress 2,000 years old was unearthed in a tomb. It weighs less than 50 grammes and can be put into a matchbox. Westerners cherish Chinese sī chóu. It was introduced to Rome around 100 BC
by merchants. The route they travelled is called the Silk Road. Compared with other material, sī chóu is
more delicate and light. The clothes made of sī chóu are the most comfortable. Now sī chóu clothes are prominent in modern
fashions. Chinese sī chóu has been world famous for
its high quality for thousands of years.

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