good afternoon, we will start the course of embroidery to semi-industrial electric machine parts, parts and regulations the 2 upper knobs are for setting the width of the zig-zag; with the right knob we fix the top stop, with the left the bottom stop with the lower knob the width of the zig-zag that goes from 0,5 cm to 2 cm as we see they have correlation between these three knobs we go to the stitch regulator, that is, this helps us to regulate the LENGTH of the stitch is related to the crowbar, if we are at zero the crowbar will not have any function. the needle position lever, left, center, right in the upper part we have the thread captor the one as a guide, and this one … to put the reel on the left we have: thread guide, thread protector, thread guide, thread guide, thread strip, top tension, thread guide, thread guide and needle liberator, press bar regulator fabrics, lever press fabrics thread threading please pay close attention in the past of the strand between the cymbals of tension and by the string thread this piece is fundamental and loves pulling thread lower part coil box, coil, in this sector we have the gear part to be coupled to the lower one and to be able to perform the zigzag with the k in the coil the thread must be passed through the spring (only there will be well spent) Here we see the lever of a rodila with which we regulate the zaig-zag iron to embroider, in its design we see that it has a slope to isolate the fabric from the teeth of the machine, but personally I do not use it, I do not like it because it does not keep the fabric completely flat. for this reason I work with the normal zig-zag plate and without the teeth, in this way it does not damage the fabric remember that we must also remove the press foot fabrics In this first class we will not use yarn and we will start the practice with sheets of paper and needle; For the next class we will need machine embroidery threads, scissors, frames or drums, cloth, pencil, drawings, carbon or decal paper. Thank you


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