ArtVoice: Jane Frenke

ArtVoice: Jane Frenke

Music I love to see how colors
interact with each other. It’s really fascinating to see
what happens with color. So color is, is, and seeing
it mixed, is really exciting. Music I always try to do a black
and white of a design because then you’re not,
you’re analyzing the design and you’re not smitten with
what’s happening with the color. You have fabrics that are
picked out and just say Springs fabrics, if you have an
even number, a 50-50 or a 60-40 of purple and yellow, now
those are opposites if you have that percentage,
the fabric tends to be trite. but if you have a lot of purple
and just a hit of yellow then it’s not trite. Music I’ve been doing circles for a long time and when you cut the arcs,
they don’t go back together the way the cut out. So I wanted to figure out
how to get the circles done without using templates and
have everything match. I didn’t want to have that look.
That’s what I love about them. They aren’t manufactured looking.
They aren’t stamped out or laser cut. Everyone one of them is individual. Music The series before the circles, the spheres was leaves. I wanted the leaves
to get out of the box. And so then I started putting
them off of the edges and then gravity worked and
so I had to reinforce them or leave them coming down
off the bottom, things like that. And then some of those quilts
don’t even have the box anymore and that’s when I started doing
no more box. So it was, you know And then the spheres come along with
these jagged pieces coming out to space. Music When you’re using the machine to quilt you want to be able to think of it
as moving the paper under the pencil. and making a line. And so I really sketch when I’m doing any of … I’m not following,
I am following lines a little bit but I’m also sketching so that I’m
drawing with the needle and thread. And you can get so involved in what you’re doing when you’re doing the drawing that you find out that the
machine isn’t sticking anymore and you’ve run out of bobbin thread and you’re so involved in what’s right there you don’t even know what’s happening. Music I can’t imagine not creating
something; working with my hands. And I know I do put a lot of
thought into the pieces that I do. So it’s always been me playing with and I think it is play,
me playing with materials. I see potential in a lot of the materials that other people would throw away. It’s something I have to do.
I don’t know how else to explain it. Music

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  • Robbyn Robinson

    April 18, 2014

    Great video. Love your spirit, it really shines thru.


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